5 Indicators it’s Past Time to Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Niagara Falls

professional carpet cleaning services niagara fallsDirt in the home has a knack for flying under the radar. You may not even notice most of it until you settle down after a long day at work. Eventually, you may look at your carpet and wonder how it became so discolored. Even if you vacuum and clean your flooring regularly, you will still need your carpet professionally cleaned occasionally. But what time is the right time? Here are some indicators of flooring begging for a professional clean.

The Reappearing Stain

You spilled milk in the living room and you cleaned it. The stain and stickiness in the carpet was gone, but the next day it reappeared! You cleaned it again, thinking twice would surely do the trick. However, that stubborn sticky spot will not go away no matter how much cleaner and elbow grease you put into it. When you have mysterious and recurring stains, you should call Professional Carpet Systems in Niagara Falls for service. We have access to special chemicals and flooring treatments that aren’t commercially available. We will get rid of those pesky stains once and for all.

Plush Carpet Turns to Cement

After months or years of foot traffic over carpet, the fibers begin to compress and flatten. Once plush and soft carpet will begin to look like high-traffic school carpet. When the fibers are free of the weight of dirt and grease, they can fluff back up and start to look and feel like the carpet you first purchased.

Your Carpet Fails the Smell Check

Take in a big whiff of your carpet. Does it smell musty or stale? Smells from dirt, grease, and dust will inevitably permeate your carpet, but it shouldn’t stink up the house. If it does, then you should call our professional team to give your carpets a brand new clean smell.

House Damage

If you’ve recently had a flood or fire, it’s in your best interest to call a flooring restoration company to eradicate any lingering smells. Smoke from house fires can nestle in the intricate fibers of your carpet and mold can hide under your flooring after a flood. Since smoke and mold can take a serious toll on the structural elements of your house, it’s important to take action immediately. With such a serious form of damage, you’ll want to confirm there’s no hidden damage under your flooring.

The Calendar says it’s Time

Sometimes the best sign it’s time for a carpet cleaning is when you haven’t had one in over a year!  Even if your carpet is in seemingly good condition, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service can save you time and money in future installations down the road.A little bit of prevention is worth a lot of cure. So, instead of worrying what’s really in your carpet, let our certified technicians at Professional Carpet Systems in Niagara Falls take care of it for you. If any of these signs remind you of your carpet, give us a call!

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