Professional Area Rug Cleaning In Welland

Area rugs are a beautiful addition to any home. Like many Welland citizens, your area rugs tie together your home décor and add comfort and style. Unlike other home décor, area rugs see a lot of foot traffic. From people to pets, your rugs soak up the majority of the dirt that comes into your home. Professional rug cleaning can help the air quality in your home by eliminating pollutants that settle in the fibers of your rug and will give your rugs a fresh, clean look that will liven up the area in your home it sits in.

A lot of people want to skip out on the cost and clean their rugs on their own. Though there are many DIY instruction pages onlinearea rug cleaning welland, oriental rug cleaning welland, fine rug repair welland, professional rug cleaner welland to clean your rugs and carpets without the help of a professional cleaner, this isn’t always the best route. Area rugs are expensive for a reason. The have fragile fibers that can be easily damaged if not taken care of properly. Area rugs are often destroyed by do-it-yourself kits and cleaning techniques. True, it does cost money to have professionals clean and sanitize your rugs, but you will always receive a better quality of cleanliness and it will come from people who are trained on how to handle fragile fibers.

Some common mistakes that people make when trying to clean their own area rugs are:

1. Over-shampooing – over-shampooing can really destroy a rug. If a rug gets too much cleaning shampoo or not even rinse time, shampoo will build-up, leaving a gross residue in the rug that attracts dirt and other pollutants. To remove this, you will need to call a professional rug cleaner to re-clean and re-rinse out the extra shampoo that is caked onto the fibers of the rug without destroying the fine material.
2. Over-wetting – another common problem with cleaning carpets and rugs is over-wetting. This happens when too much water is used on a rug and the rug has a difficult time drying. Professional rug cleaners have specific equipment to make sure a rug is cleaned and dried thoroughly. If a rug isn’t dried correctly, mold and mildew will begin to grow inside the rug and quickly destroy it.
3. Protection – something many DIY’ers don’t think about is how other furniture will react to a wet rug. A lot of wood furniture is stained and dyed and will release color when meeting a wet area. This can quickly damage an area rug by staining the fibers.

All of these complications can be avoided by contacting a professional area rug cleaner in Welland. Like PCS Niagara, professional rug cleaners have experience and training to make sure that they do a superb job quickly without disaster. They also have the professional equipment and tools necessary to clean deeply and dry thoroughly. Leave the job to a professional and save yourself the time.

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