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Synthetic Shag Rugs

Synthetic shaggy style rugs are made primarily from polyester and viscose, or a blend of both using viscose as a thin highlight fiber. Polyester is a plastic petroleum­-based fiber. Viscose is a regenerated cellulose (wood pulp) fiber. Both fibers create a rug with a short life span, with polyester lasting longer, and with less shedding, […]

Silk Woven Rugs

Silk rugs can range from 100 to over 1,000 knots per square inch in hand woven rugs. The production cost of silk is high, and the labor in the higher quality rugs can make some of these works of art quite an investment. Many owners of smaller silk rugs will display them on the wall […]

Over-Dyed Rugs

There is a popular trend in rugs of chemically stripping the dyes of woven wool rugs, and then over­dyeing them with strong colors rarely similar to the original dyes.  The chemical dye stripping process damages and wears down the wool, so often the rug looks more threadbare, with cotton foundation fibers exposed.  The over-dye is […]

Karastan Wool Rugs

Karastan machine woven wool rugs are made with very good quality wool and dyes, and is the top end of the machine woven rug world. With proper care they can last many decades and still be like new. They require the same care as hand knotted wool rugs. Wool has a natural short term repellency […]

Flatweave Rugs (Woven by Hand)

Hand woven rugs with no pile are referred to as “flatweave” rugs. Kilims, dhurries, Navajos, and tapestries fall into this broad category. Some are reversible, and some are not. Some have fringe, and some do not. They are woven by hand from natural fibers (primarily wool, cotton, and silk). Quality wool is a durable and […]

Chunky Wool Rugs

Chunky, felted wool rugs are often referred to as “noodle” rugs because the wool pieces look like big pasta noodles. They are a dense, bouncy floor covering. They are often wool chunks strung into a cotton, heavy backing material. Shedding and pilling is common with all felted wool in traffic areas. Trim pulls with scissors. […]

“Luster Washed” Wool Hand Woven Rugs

Weaving regions can give wool rugs a “luster wash” to chemically create more sheen to the rug so it shines more like silk. This is similar to highlighting hair, in that the fibers are lightened and smoothed using solutions similar to bleach.  “Luster washing” done well creates a beautiful effect to the rugs. They have […]

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Carpet Cleaning Basics Niagara Falls

Keeping Your Carpets Clean: The Basics Keeping your carpet clean is a constant process. You must continually be on top of removing dirt, grime, and stains from your carpet while also attempting to prevent them from ever getting onto your carpet in the first place. By taking the right approach, however, you can keep your […]

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The Best Office Carpet Cleaning In Niagara Falls

Your office carpets make an impression on your clients, your employees, and your partners. But the materials you choose and how you maintain them can determine whether the impression is positive or negative. In Niagara Falls, PCS Niagara is a great resource to help you clean and maintain your carpets. Tips For Better Workspace Carpets […]

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Improve Your Health With Carpet Cleaning In Niagara On The Lake

Carpets are made up of tightly twisted fibers that are closely grouped together. Since carpets tend to be the most trafficked furnishing in our homes, these fibers are constantly exposed to wear and tear. Considering the fact that our carpets are walked on, laid on, spilled on, and sat on daily, it is no wonder […]

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