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How Often Do I Need To Clean My Carpets?

Your carpets are a critical part of making your home look warm and inviting. To maintain this aesthetic, you have got to keep your carpets looking clean and fresh. However, this is easier said than done. The frequency with which carpets should be cleaned varies greatly depending on the type of the carpets and how […]

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How to Maintain Clean Carpets

There is nearly nothing better than having nice clean carpets, but when you have high traffic areas, pets, or children, that feeling doesn’t last very long. Professional carpet cleaning might not be something that is in the weekly budget, so here are a few tips for keeping your carpets clean between professional visits.  Take Those […]

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Carpet Cleaning: Professional vs. DIY

Maybe this month you buckled down and finally started spring cleaning, only to realize that it’s been a little longer than you’d care to admit since your carpets have been thoroughly cleaned. To keep your carpet looking and feeling clean, experts recommend performing a deep clean about every 12-18 months depending on the traffic in […]

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Business Benefits of Cleaner Carpets

The cleanliness of your office space is not only an important part of your business but also your physical health and psychological well-being. A tidy office will always ensure that the employees are more productive and your customers are really happy. Here are some benefits of having a spotless and dirt-free workplace: Create a good […]

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Does Your Carpet Need To Be Stretched

How Can You Tell If Your Carpet Needs Professional Stretching? People talk about carpet cleaning all the time and it’s common to hear people debate about professional carpet cleaning and buying some equipment to do the cleaning on their own. But how often do you hear about carpet stretching and how do you know if […]

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In Between Routine Carpet Cleaning

Winter has certainly made a grand entrance into our Niagra Falls area. Although our winter wonderland can be beautiful, the snow, salt, mud and muck that is tracked into our homes can wreak havoc on our flooring. Our floors, whether they be carpet, hardwood, or tile are an investment and need to be taken care […]

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Four Carpet Killers

You carpet undergoes a lot of abuse day in and day out. If you’re not careful to stay on top of keeping it clean and in good shape, the quality and appeal of your carpet will diminish over time. Stains, ripples, and lots of compressed dirt towards the bottom of your carpet are some of […]

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How Carpet Stretching Works in Five Steps

A freshly laid carpet looks great in any home. However, over time, your carpet is likely to experience significant wear and tear and require some repair. A common way your carpet experiences this is when your carpet begins showing wrinkles and creases over time. Even a small wrinkle or crease can be a big problem […]

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Buying the Perfect Rug

Professional Carpet Systems (PCS) recently made an exciting announcement! We are now the proud owners of the Binding Shop and Custom Rug Gallery. That means on top of helping you keep your gorgeous floor coverings of any kind clean and well-maintained, you can also purchase floor coverings from us! The Custom Rug Gallery offers rug […]

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Keep Your Carpets Cleaner Longer

Carpets are more than just another flooring option for your home. Carpets now can be beautifully manufactured to elevate the beauty of your indoor environment and provide a soft surface for your feet. However, to keep carpets in great condition, you must do what you can to avoid getting them damaged or stained in between […]