Business Carpet Care


Single Source Accountability

No more finger pointing when something is not right, now you have to make only one call for all your carpet and flooring cleaning, repair, and replacement needs. If the carpet is not restorable, then replacement can be scheduled immediately. This will reduce the time that the your property is unavailable.

 Reduction in Flooring Budget

Reduce your annual cleaning and flooring budget by channeling higher volumes of business through one vendor. This allows us to keep our prices at our most competitive levels and saves you money. Your carpet outlay will go down because we can save carpets that others can’t. Whether it’s bleach spots, Kool-Aid, iron or cigarette burns, problems with seams, edgeing, or buckling, we can fix it fast and inexpensively. We give you complete inspection reports eliminating surprise repairs after you’ve refunded security deposits. And if you need support in any litigation where we performed services, we can write more detailed reports and appear as expert witnesses.

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