In Between Routine Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning niagara falls, professional carppet cleaning niagara fallsWinter has certainly made a grand entrance into our Niagra Falls area. Although our winter wonderland can be beautiful, the snow, salt, mud and muck that is tracked into our homes can wreak havoc on our flooring. Our floors, whether they be carpet, hardwood, or tile are an investment and need to be taken care of to prolong their beauty. Carpet and upholstery fibers can act as a sponge trapping all of the contaminants from our shoes. So, how do we protect our floors, especially our carpets, and keep them looking cleaner longer between carpet cleaning appointments?
Let’s look at a few ideas…

Walk off Mats – Investing in a good inside and outside doormat is a must if you are trying to protect your carpet and flooring. The better the quality, the better the ability the mat has to keep the moisture away from your floors. In the right environment, moisture can cause a problem by quickly producing mold and mildew. Even though there is no way to prevent moisture from getting into your home completely, using doormats inside and outside for wet shoes will help to keep most of the snow and slush from being tracked throughout your home.

Remove Shoes – Ask family members and house guests to remove their shoes upon entering. This will keep outside contaminants from being tracked inside and invading your home. Placing a boot tray at the entrance to the home reduces the amount of moisture that gets tracked in, and creates a safe place to store shoes. Make sure to teach children to wipe their boots on the outside and inside mats and to take their wet boots off at the door. Pets can be one of the main causes of snow, salt, and slush being tracked into the house. It is important to train your pets to wait near the door until you dry their paws. Remembering to clean the inside of entry areas often can prevent a buildup of slush, mud, and salt, which can damage floors.

Regular Maintenance – Outside of having carpets professionally cleaned, the best way to keep hardwood or tile flooring and carpets clean this winter is with regular sweeping, mopping and vacuuming. If you have carpet, you should vacuum at least once a week to remove contaminants that may get ground into the fibers. Vacuum heavy traffic areas 2 to 3 times a week. Take your time while you are vacuuming because a slow and steady pace allows your vacuum to pick up more dirt and debris from your carpet fibers.

Professional Carpet Cleaning – Schedule regular professional carpet cleaning appointments. Carpets and upholstery fibers can act as a sponge when it comes to dirt, grime, and germs. A deep professional cleaning will remove contaminants from deep down into the fabric fibers that even regular vacuuming cannot remove. This also keeps the indoor air quality healthier. Reapplying a stain-guard after professional carpet cleanings can help repel dirt and make spot cleaning easier. Call the professionals at PCS Niagara to help keep your flooring investments looking beautiful and healthy during these long winter months.

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