The Right Carpet-Cleaning Questions To Ask

carpet cleaning niagara falls, professional carpet cleaning niagara fallsCarpet is a comfortable addition to every home. It provides a soft, padded flooring that kids and pets love to play and lay on. It also adds warmth to your living space. But after a period of time, carpets can become dull, dingy and stained. Carpets receive a lot of foot traffic from people and pets that bring in soil, dust, and mud from outside. Or accidents like spills happen that cause your carpets to stain; stains that may be too hard to remove on your own. Even if it doesn’t look like your carpet has become dirtier and dirtier over time, bacteria, dust, and pollen are being stored away in your carpet.

Having dirty carpet can be a health hazard according to the EPA. To ensure your carpet is healthy and clean, call in professional help, such as Professional Cleaning Specialists of Niagara, to thoroughly clean your carpet. They are certified under IICRC and have advanced, professional equipment for carpet cleaning. Training and professionalism help carpet-cleaning technicians be fully prepared for the job of cleaning your Niagara Falls home.

When you are choosing a carpet cleaning company, you want to make sure you are hiring professionals that won’t damage your carpets. Here are some questions you should ask when deciding which cleaning company to choose for your home.

  • Do they clean according to IICRC standards?
  • Do they rake and pre-vacuum to remove deeply embedded soils?
  • Do they move furniture as part of their service?
  • Do they pre-condition your carpet, especially areas that are heavily soiled?
  • Do they hand scrub hard-to-reach areas like edges and borders?
  • Do they steam rinse to remove and neutralize any residues that may be left in your carpet from a previous cleaning?
  • Do they use carpet dryers to return your carpets to use as quickly as possible?

After you have asked these questions, you will be led to choose a company that fits the goals you have for your carpet cleaning. Cleaning carpet may seem simple, but it is a job that requires skill and technique. There are four key parts to getting that perfect clean. First, a high-quality cleaning solution is needed to wash out all the dirt and grime. Then, heat is required to soften all the particles that need to be washed out of the carpet. Work and agitation need to be put into cleaning the carpet to help release the dirt. Lastly, the right amount of time needs to be spent on cleaning the carpet. Professionals have mastered balancing efficiency with spending quality time on a cleaning project. They will be sure to give your carpet the attention it needs until it is spotless.

It is important to remove soil from the carpet. Once the soil is eliminated, your carpet will look and feel better. Regular professional carpet cleaning will also increase the life span of your carpet, saving you a great deal of money over time. Soil can scratch at and break down the fibers of your carpet. Although vacuuming regular can help maintain your carpets, it will never fully clean them enough to protect them. Save your investment and call a professional carpet cleaning company

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