Carpet Technology Is Booming

The flooring world is going through its own technological surge. Over the past few years, the incredible visuals on hard surface floors have enhanced laminate, vinyl and even tile to mimic natural materials. Now carpet manufacturers are maximizing technology to create stunning patterns and amazing new features.   

Consumers want a stylish, high-performing carpet that complements their uniquely curated living spaces. They demand both design and function in a variety of price points. For consumers, the rise of technology, via social media and other lifestyle influencers, has made them more savvy shoppers. Homemakers in Niagara Falls can really showcase strong design statements with innovative fiber options to stay on-trend with consumer preferences. We at PCS Niagara are excited to introduce some incredible ideas, looks, textures and more.

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Recycled Fibers

The environmentally responsible flooring movement is strong. Manufacturers can create carpet fiber from recycled plastics, such as the plastic used to make beverage bottles. It takes approximately 50 two-liter bottles to create one square yard of carpet fiber. Young homeowners, especially, care about how their purchases impact society, the environment and more. “Green” or eco-friendly flooring help save the landfills from a portion of the 3.5 billion pounds of carpet tossed each year, according to Fast Company.  

Waterproof Carpet

Shaw is leading the way with their incredible new LifeGuard technology that makes these new carpets 100% waterproof for carpet in any room in the house. In the bathroom, waterproof carpets won’t soak up the bath water and stain or get moldy; instead, you can easily clean up any liquids in seconds.

Carpet Tiles

Another improvement comes, not from technology, but from the manufacturing and marketing team. Carpet squares are now elevated from cheap, ugly floors to really attractive options for living spaces. One main advantage to carpet tiles is that they’re wonderful for families and pets; simply take out that one ruined tile and replace it with a new one. The days of replacing your entire floor are over.

In fact, carpet tiles are the biggest carpet trend for basements, in particular. Many come with waterproof options and they are perfect for temperamental, water-prone basements.

Artisan and Artisan-Look

Ironically, one of the hottest trends is away from technology– specially crafted handmade rugs.  Purchasing a handmade piece is like installing artwork on the floor in addition to the walls. While true personal artisan rugs are a splurge for homeowners with a passion for design and individualism, manufacturers are also replicating these looks to appeal to the masses in a more accessible price range.

Find a “Carpet Caring Company”

Whether you have a brand new carpet, or want to make your existing carpet “work” for another year, you need a cleaning partner. Professional Carpet Systems cares about your carpet and works diligently to remove soil, sand, grit and grime that cause permanent damage to carpet fibers. They have the knowledge and techniques to remove pollen, dust mite feces, mold spores and allergens that settle on carpet fibers and can cause health challenges. Since spills become spots, and spots that are not cared for properly become permanent stains, they care about maintaining your carpets and your home.

Our employees are courteous, uniformed, and knowledgeable specialists who utilize specially designed equipment and proprietary cleaning and spot removal formulations. Contact us for all your carpet cleaning needs.

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