Carpet Cleaning: Professional vs. DIY

carpet cleaning niagara on the lake, carpet cleaning niagaraMaybe this month you buckled down and finally started spring cleaning, only to realize that it’s been a little longer than you’d care to admit since your carpets have been thoroughly cleaned. To keep your carpet looking and feeling clean, experts recommend performing a deep clean about every 12-18 months depending on the traffic in your home. As you decide whether to purchase a do-it-yourself unit, hire a professional carpet cleaning company in Niagara on the Lake, or maybe just put your vacuum to more frequent use, there are several key items to remember.

What the Pros Do

The method of carpet cleaning most commonly recommended by manufacturers is hot water extraction. In this process, water is heated up to 190 degrees and pumped into the carpet to remove dirt and grime, sanitize the floor, and revitalize flattened fibers. PCS in Niagara on the Lake also prepares the carpet for this process by pre-vacuuming, applying an eco-friendly pre-spray, and pre-treating soiled spots.

Water extraction isn’t a revolutionary new technology. It’s been a go-to method of cleaning for years. It’s been in practice because homeowners agree on a few key benefits: refreshed carpet, an unmatched deep clean, and a thorough process. Since this method doesn’t include harsh chemicals, there is no lingering “cleaning” smell. This also means it won’t affect those with allergies or harm your pets. Avoiding strong chemicals also protect carpets from the rigors of daily life, which can preserve the carpet and help it to last longer.

What other machines do

There are a variety of do-it-yourself machines available for rent of purchase. Most often, these machines utilize hot steam to remove dust and debris. Many homeowners enjoy the flexibility of a carpet steam cleaner—it’s available right when they need it. Most store-bought cleaning machines require the purchase of a carpet detergent to accompany the machine. Some owners of a do-it-yourself machine have found that the weight and size of their steam cleaner make it difficult to operate and find a storage space.

If you’ve ever looked online for carpet cleaning methods, you’ll realize there’s no shortage of do-it-yourself options. These include using deodorizing powder, mixing a homemade solution of household products, and knocking down the speed while vacuuming.

What to Choose

Hot water extraction is widely argued to have the best clean. Professionals in the industry are held to certain standards while utilizing this method. PCS in Niagara on the Lake also offers a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll re-service at no extra charge.

While determining which method to use, it’s important to be aware of your unique situation. Do you have pets? Does your home have high traffic areas? Kids? Area rugs? Some homeowners choose to hire a professional carpet cleaning service every year but use other options in between major cleanings. Generic carpet cleaning equipment does a good job at restoring fibers on the surface, but lacks the depth of the hot water extraction method, since most machines do not heat the water to as high a temperature. If your carpets are under high strain, it would be best to consult a professional. If you have any questions regarding our method of carpet cleaning, give us a call!

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