Improve Your Health With Carpet Cleaning In Niagara On The Lake

carpet cleaning niagara on the lake, carpet cleaning niagara falls, professional carpet cleaning niagara on the lakeCarpets are made up of tightly twisted fibers that are closely grouped together. Since carpets tend to be the most trafficked furnishing in our homes, these fibers are constantly exposed to wear and tear. Considering the fact that our carpets are walked on, laid on, spilled on, and sat on daily, it is no wonder that carpets accumulate dirt, soil, dust, grime, bacteria, and all sorts of contaminants. When dirt and other build up accumulate on carpet fibers, it can weaken and damage them – especially if that build up is allowed to penetrate deep into the fibers before being cleaned and removed. If not properly cleaned, carpets can be considered a health hazard because they can facilitate growth of mold, bacteria, and other microorganisms. 

According to microbiology research, the average indoor carpet was found to be about 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat, with about 200,000 bacteria per square inch! According to the National Center For Healthy Housing, dust mites and other microorganisms thrive in carpets because of the abundance of debris that subsides there. These contaminants can work their way deep into carpet fibers, creating a reservoir of allergens. So, now that we have caused panic about your carpet, what should you do? Here are a few things you can do to keep your carpet in Niagara On The Lake clean, and your home healthy.

  1. Vacuum regularly

To help remove surface contaminants and prevent them from burrowing deep into your carpet’s fibers, you should vacuum at least weekly. Vacuuming is a great tool to remove surface dirt and debris, and can help to prevent deep set in stains and build up. The key to successful vacuuming is to go slow. A quick pass won’t necessarily pick up all the dirt so take your time.

  1. Keep shoes off the carpet

Shoe snot only carry in all the dirt and who-knows-what-else from outside into your home, but the treading also pushes that dirt deeper into the carpet. By removing shoes as soon as you come in the door, you limit the spread of contaminants and decrease the wear and tear on your carpets. 

  1. Get your carpets cleaned professionally

While vacuuming is great for removing surface dirt and extending the life of your carpets, it is not adequate enough to clean deep into the carpet fibers. Professional carpet cleaning ensures that more allergens, mold, bacteria, microorganisms, and soil are removed from your carpet than by vacuuming alone. Since carpet fibers can be loosened and weakened if not cared for correctly, professional cleaning ensures the safety of your carpet, all while removing deep set in dirt, grime, mold spores, allergens, dust mites, pollens, and whatever else may be hiding in your carpets. Regular professional carpet cleaning is recommended every 6-18 months, and can not only make your home healthier, but also make your carpets look better and last longer. 

Professional Carpet Cleaning Niagara On The Lake

Professional carpet cleaning has been known to improve indoor air quality by removing all the built up allergens trapped in carpet fibers. The best thing you can do for your carpets, and your home, is to have them cleaned regularly by the caring professionals at PCS of Niagara

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