Don’t Be Fooled: The Six Biggest Carpet Cleaning Mistakes You Want To Avoid

carpet cleaning niagara on the lake, professional carpet cleaning niagara on the lakeKeeping your carpet clean can be a difficult task at times. Even the smallest mistake or spill can cause serious stains to develop. Thus, it is important that you know what to do and what not do when it comes to carpet cleaning since doing the wrong thing can actually make the damage worse over time. For serious stains or even minor ones that you’re not sure to handle, however, don’t hesitate to call in the pros. Our carpet cleaning technicians at PCS Niagara in Niagara On The Lake are just a call away!

Procrastinating Removing The Stains

People often procrastinate cleaning up stains because they aren’t sure what to do or they just have too much going on. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Cleaning the stain right away prevents it from setting in too deeply in the carpet and permanently damaging your carpet.

Failing To Spot Test When Using A New Product

Spot testing is applying a cleaner you haven’t used on a specific carpet before on a small inconspicuous part of your carpet to make sure that it won’t damage your carpet. Even if you have used a cleaner before that has worked great if you are using on a new type of carpet you should spot test again. This is because carpets are made up of a variety of fibers so it’s possible that it could work great on one type of carpet but damage another.

Failing To Vacuum Before Cleaning

Always vacuum before a deep cleaning of your carpet. Doing this will loosen up the dirt and debris within your carpet making it easier for them to be removed. This is especially important in heavy traffic areas of your home like entrances and walkways.  

Not Using The Proper Cleaning Materials

Cleaning with any old material could stain your carpet worse than actually cleaning it. It is best to clean your carpets with a white cloth which is the best material and will ensure that the color of the cleaning material won’t have any effect on the carpet.

Using The Wrong Cleaning Technique

It is seen that most people rub the stain to clean it. But, that is a completely wrong way of cleaning them. You need to blot the stain. In this way, the pressure applied transfers stain on your cleaning towel helping you to clean the stains in a better way. So if you’ve been committing any one of these mistakes, stop right now. You’re doing more harm than good.

Not Calling In The Pros

Some stains simply aren’t taken care of well by home remedies. At PCS Niagara in Niagara On The Lake, we have the best quality cleaners and equipment available. As a result, we are able to clean up stains more completely and effectively than you will be able to. If you have questions at all about the best approach or have moderate to serious stains, you will want to call the pros for help.

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