Maintaining Beautiful Carpet in Welland

Carpet Cleaning WellandCarpets get dirty, no matter what you do, you can’t stop that from happening. You can however, ensure that when they do get dirty, you properly care for them and prevent them from damaging. Neglecting your carpets can give them a shorter shelf life, but if you follow these tips you can keep them looking great and make them last a long time.

Take off Your Shoes!

To minimize the dirt and mud coming in contact with your carpet, try your best to ask your family and guests to wipe their feet and take off their shoes when they enter your home. Placing an indoor and outdoor doormat at each entryway to your home will help reduce the amount of dirt on everyone’s feet. Along with putting doormats at every entry, get in the habit of taking your shoes off at the door to reduce the amount of dirt that gets brought into your home and onto your carpet.

Vacuum Regularly.

As much as you don’t want to, it is important to vacuum carpet regularly, as dirt and mud will inevitably get into your home. If it sits for very long, dirt with break down the fibers of your carpet, permanently damaging them. Making sure your carpet is vacuumed regularly is one of the most important steps in carpet maintenance to extend the life of your carpet and ensure it looks great year round. Vacuuming noticeably removes dirt and crumbs, minimizes the effects of foot traffic, removes allergens and helps reduce the dullness of your carpet. At the end of the day, the more often you vacuum your carpet, the better it will look. Try to vacuum heavy foot traffic areas of your carpet 2-3 times a week, and less trafficked sections once a week.

Carpet Protection.

In addition to vacuuming on a regular basis, it is important to apply some sort of carpet protector spray to your carpet—especially after a professional cleaning. It is also crucial to re-apply carpet protectors on a regular basis, especially on stain-resistant carpet as the protective layer wears down over time.

*tip: be sure to test any sort of protector spray on a small (preferably hidden) portion of your carpet to make sure it does not tint your carpet before using the protector on an entire room. Carpet protection sprays are the best way to proactively prevent dullness and overall wear and tear on your carpet.

When Spots and Stains Appear—Remove Them Quickly.

No matter how well you protect it; once in a while you will spill or stain your carpet. The key to removing carpet stains is not to panic, but remove the stain as quickly as possible. First blot the spill, DO NOT RUB! Rubbing a stain can actually wear the fabric and set the stain permanently. Continue blotting the area until it is almost dry and then vacuum the area. Water left in carpet from improper blotting can lead to mold problems.

Hire A Professional.

No matter how well you maintain your carpet from day to day, it is crucial to have your carpet professionally cleaned from time to time. Paying a little extra to bring in a professional to deep clean your carpet will maintain the quality and extend the life of your carpet.

Though maintaining carpet takes considerable work, the payoff it significant. Through taking consistent good care of your carpets they can look like new and last for years to come.

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