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Carpet & Fabric Protection

If there were a treatment that could be applied to your carpets to protect against soiling, stains, and premature wear, wouldn’t you want that for your carpets and upholstery?

Great news!

PCS of Niagara offers professional carpet and fabric protection so you can enjoy your carpets and upholstered furniture for years to come. We use premium carpet and fabric protectors that really work, and our professional application ensures the best results. Most carpet manufacturers recommend having a protector applied after each cleaning, and we are sure you’ll notice the difference!

What Type of Protector Do You Use?

PCS of Niagara offers our customers Maxim Advanced Protectors. After decades in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry, we know what works the best and provides the greatest benefits for our customers.

Maxim Advanced is safe and effective for use on all man-made carpet types including nylon, olefin and polyester, as well as wool carpeting. It is also safe on most upholstery fabrics. It is proven to be safe for the environment as well as your family.

How Does It Work?

Maxim Advanced was developed specifically for carpet and upholstery fabrics. Using exclusive and proprietary flexible polymers, our carpet protector resists breaking down with use, ensuring you get the highest level of protection and the longest lasting results.

These polymers create a flexible protective barrier around each fiber, protecting against soils, stains, oils, and spills. This protects against both soiling and wear, ensuring your carpets look brand new and clean long after your last cleaning.

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