Carpet Repair Or Replace?

carpet patch repair niagara falls, carpet repair niagara falls, carpet cleaning niagara fallsThe carpet in your home is a big investment. So it’s frustrating when a random sputtering ember burns a hole in your beautiful rug or a spring storm floods the basement family room. Or if your neurotic cat gets locked in a room and destroys the fibers under the door.  It is even worse when you snag your high heel in a loose fiber and tears a big hole in the center of the room. There is NO furniture arrangement that will hide THAT problem!

Should you replace the entire room of carpet? In super general terms, a new room of carpet is about $750 to $2500.  If a portion of your carpet has suffered some other catastrophe, patching the affected area can save you a fortune when compared to replacement.

Successful carpet patching requires a spare piece of carpet large enough to replace the damaged area. Hopefully, you have carpet left over from installation; if not the carpet repair professional can pillage a piece from a closet or underneath a piece of furniture.

Will The Patch Show?

Many factors contribute to the quality and look of the seams around the patch. The biggest factor is whether or not a piece of carpet from a closet or remnant piece will match. Due to sun fade and wear, the piece that is patched in may look newer than the originally worn carpet.

The best way to have an idea of what the results will be would be to take a remnant piece and set it next to the area that needs to be patched. If a patched portion of carpet is really new looking and the problem area is in the middle of a very well worn patch, the ‘plug’ will be more visible than if all the carpet has the same amount of wear.  

As far as the seam work, the seam should be just slightly noticeable to invisible depending on the carpet. Other times you can see the patch from across the room; it often depends on the light sources in the area. Other reasons that a patch may be visible:

    • Short nap carpet shows seams more than long nap carpet.  
    • Seams that run across the row show more than seams that run will the row.
    • Extra Consideration is Berber carpet– a specialty within a specialty.  Berber carpet repair required experience and finesse, especially when seams run perpendicular to the carpet’s grain.

Carpet Stretching And Seam Repair

When your carpets start to show wrinkles or creases, it is in need of re-stretching. This may be a sign that your carpet wasn’t installed correctly or it may simply be a result of “relaxing” over time. PCS of Niagara has the training, equipment, and expertise to stretch your carpet, eliminating bumps and wrinkles that may have developed.

Also, over time the glue used to fuse carpet begins to dissolve and the seem becomes visible. PSC Niagra can also repair this. When done correctly, it will be difficult to see where one section of the carpet begins and the other ends. When carpet seams split, carpet repair specialists can repair the seams, eliminating any fraying and protect your carpet from further damage.

Carpet that has pulled out of a metal threshold can begin to unravel at the entrance to the room. This is also a simple and effective fix for an experienced carpet repair team.

Carpet Repairs Niagara Falls

For all your carpet cleaning and repair needs, contact PCS Niagara.  PCS Niagara employees courteous, uniformed, and knowledgeable specialists to utilize specially designed equipment and proprietary cleaning and spot removal formulations. 

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