Have your Carpets Professionally Repaired/Patched Instead of Replaced.

We at PCS Niagara now that putting carpet in your home is a big investment. The average homeowner pays between $7-$13 per square foot. Then there is the padding, which can range anywhere between 6 cents to one dollar per square foot. Finally, there is the actual installation. Some companies offer free installation, but even then they are making up for the price of installation somewhere else. The national average for 140 square feet of nylon carpet installation is between $980-$1680. It is no wonder then why many Niagara homeowners go to such great lengths to keep their carpet nice and clean. That being said, carpet is very prone to damage in many different forms and may need to be professionally repaired, patched, or replaced.

Common Ways Carpets Are Damaged

carpet repair niagaraThe most common ways carpets are damaged include; stains, burns, tufting, bulging, and rippling. Stains tend to be the most common type of carpet damage. Think of how many things are exposed to your carpet (shoes, drinks, pets, food). The sources of carpet stains are virtually limitless. Especially when you consider the amount of your home that has carpet! Burns can also happen for any number of reasons, such as an iron falling onto the floor. Bulging and rippling occur when carpets begin to slacken. When installed, carpet is stretched tight. As time goes by, it begins to slacken and results in loosening. When carpets get really loose and pull off of the textile, it rises above the rest of the carpet and is called tufting. This is more common for older carpets, and can cause more carpet around it to unravel.

So how do you repair the damage done to carpet? While some stains can be removed with cleaning solutions, there are some stains that are not going to come out of the carpet no matter what you use. Burns are also near impossible to remove, while bulging, rippling, and tufting are best resolved by having an expert come in to re-stretch and repair your carpet. In the case of stains, burns, or any other carpet damage that is beyond repair, homeowners think the only solution is to replace their carpet which means CHA-CHING $$$. The thought of getting all new carpet is overwhelming and sometimes just not in the budget. Many homeowners opt to live with the eyesores and damaged carpet because they do not see another solution.

Don’t Give Up Just Yet!

Unless the stain or damage encompasses the carpet in its entirety, there is another way to repair your carpet without costing an arm and a leg. Don’t give up on your carpet just yet! You can have your carpets repaired or patched instead of replaced. If a section of your carpet has sustained a permanent stain, or is damaged by a burn, the damaged area can be cut out instead of replacing the entire carpet. Carpet patching is a much less expensive option, and by replacing the damaged piece of carpet with a section of carpet from an unseen area (like a closet) it can ensure that the patch matches the surrounding area and will not be noticeable. If your carpet has rippling, bulging, or tufting, it can be re-stretched with the right equipment to eliminate bumps and wrinkles and leave it looking as good as new. With these service options, there is no need to replace all of your carpet when damage occurs.

If you find that your carpet is no longer looking its best, or you are finally ready to get rid of that stain in the middle of the room, but do not want to invest in all new carpet, we can help. The professional carpet technicians at PCS Niagara can repair your carpet and eliminate unsightly problems without replacing it. We can handle a variety of carpet repairs, from carpet stretching, repairing seems, and patching damaged areas; all while saving you money. So before you go spend a small fortune to go and replace your carpets, call PCS Niagara to see if we can save your existing carpets.

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