Four Carpet Killers

Carpet Ripples Niagara Falls, Carpet Repair Niagara FallsYou carpet undergoes a lot of abuse day in and day out. If you’re not careful to stay on top of keeping it clean and in good shape, the quality and appeal of your carpet will diminish over time. Stains, ripples, and lots of compressed dirt towards the bottom of your carpet are some of the most common ways your carpet can be damaged. Below are some of the most common types of carpet killers to look out for or avoid. However, if you ever have carpet cleaning or repair needs or just questions don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at PCS Niagara in the Niagara Falls area. 

Water damage-

The threat of water damage to your carpet most commonly occurs after a flood or a large amount of water has been spilled on your carpet. However, even high moisture levels or humidity over a long period of time could lead to your carpet being damaged. When water sinks down into your carpet it could cause structural damage to the floorboards or mold can begin to grow underneath your carpet. Once mold begins to grow it becomes a slippery slope. It can spread quickly and cause a huge mess that is very difficult to eliminate. Another issue brought on by moisture in your carpet is carpet ripples. Carpet ripples are very obvious and one of the last things anyone wants to have on their carpet.

Improper cleaning-

Believe it or not, cleaning your carpet can actually ruin it. This was a problem years ago with less modern carpet cleaning technology, but it can still occur today. The issue to avoid is using too much water in the cleaning process. If too much water is left on the carpet after it has been cleaned, the water and cleaning residue will rise to the top of the carpet as it dries and will actually attract more dirt leaving the carpet with a dull look and even stains at times. The best way to clean your carpet is to periodically hire professionals to come and do so.

Improper vacuuming-

This is a pretty easy problem to avoid, but it can cause an issue if not known about. You should adjust the height of you vacuum in relation to the height of your carpet. It’s important that you get this right because if the vacuum is too high it won’t pick up all the dirt you need it to and if it’s too low it can damage your carpet. Just be wise and take the time to adjust your vacuum height from room to room dependent on the carpet and you will maximize the effectiveness of your vacuum and prevent damage to your carpet.   

Not calling the professionals-

The biggest mistake people make when dealing with their carpet is not calling the professionals when they have a problem with their carpet. PCS Niagara in the Niagara Falls area is one such company with the experience and skill set to help you keep your carpet looking great in any situation. Don’t hesitate to call so we can make sure this is taken care of for you.

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