Does Your Carpet Need To Be Stretched

carpet stretching niagara falls, carpet stretching niagara falls on the lakeHow Can You Tell If Your Carpet Needs Professional Stretching?

People talk about carpet cleaning all the time and it’s common to hear people debate about professional carpet cleaning and buying some equipment to do the cleaning on their own. But how often do you hear about carpet stretching and how do you know if your carpet is in need of professional repair work? There are several things to look for when you are trying to determine if your carpet is in need of professional carpet stretching. Careful observation and testing will help you decide if stretching can help lengthen the lifespan of your carpet. 


Deterioration of carpet can look like a few things. What you mainly want to look for is cuts or rips in the base of the carpet. When the base of carpet becomes damaged, then nearby carpet fibers will become loose and start to fall out. Examining your carpet closely between the carpet fibers can help you find any cuts or tears in the base early enough to have stretching repair work done. If you don’t find cuts or tears in the base of the carpet, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your carpet doesn’t need stretching. There are more signs to be aware of. 

Carpet Lumps & Crinkles

Carpets will often become lumpy and wrinkly after several years of use. Sometimes it can be hard to see the lumps and sometimes they are very visible. Have you noticed your carpet bunching up when a piece of furniture is moved? This could be a sign to have a professional carpet stretcher come in and evaluate the carpet. Carpet stretching may seem unnecessary just because of some bumps or creases in the carpet, but carpet stretching can help keep your carpets from deteriorating faster. This will save y0u loads of money in the long run! 

Loose Edges

Inspecting the edges of your carpet can help you determine if your carpet requires stretching. Healthy carpet will be tightly fixed to all edges of the room. This tight fix keeps the carpet from loosening and bunching up. If any part of the carpet is lifted at the edge, it is not in a healthy state and will require stretching. Loose edges can cause all areas of the carpet to become loose and damage will start to occur. 

Professional Carpet Testing

There are other tests and tools that y0u can use to determine if your carpet requires stretching. An Awl tool inserts at the center of the carpet and you can use it to observe the movement of the carpet and to determine the state that your carpet is in. You can also call a professional carpet cleaning and repair company that is qualified to determine if your carpet is in need of stretching or repair. 


Professional carpet cleaning companies are highly skilled in cleaning and repairing all types of carpet. The IICRC has a great article explaining why it is so important to have a professional team come in for carpet cleaning and stretching.  PCS Niagara is experienced in professional carpet stretching and repair and can help inspect and repair your carpet. 

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