How Carpet Stretching Works in Five Steps

Carpet Stretching Niagara, Carpet Restretching Niagara, Carpet Repair NiagaraA freshly laid carpet looks great in any home. However, over time, your carpet is likely to experience significant wear and tear and require some repair. A common way your carpet experiences this is when your carpet begins showing wrinkles and creases over time. Even a small wrinkle or crease can be a big problem that needs to be fixed by a method called “carpet stretching.” At Professional Cleaning Specialists of Niagara, we have many certified technicians qualified in carpet stretching and repair. These specialists are here for you for all your stretching and repair needs. So you can understand the process, here is how the carpet stretching process works.

Pull Back the Carpet and Pad

To begin, you will need to get the carpet pulled up so you can stretch it. First, you’ll lift one corner of the carpet with a pair of pliers to gently tear it free from the tack strip. Do this with caution, because it’s easy to unravel the fibers of the carpet.

Removed and Old Tack Strips and Replace with New Ones

You will want to do this step with a pair of gloves on otherwise you’re likely to get poked! Pull up as many of the tack strips that you can gently so as not to cause any damage. The best way to do it is to pry them up by pounding a small pry bar underneath them. Once you’ve done that, you can take the new tack strips you have and begin to put them into your floor.

Reset the Carpet and Stretch It

Once you’re ready to reinstall the carpet, trim your carpet pad so it rests right up against the tack strips. Then, staple it about every three inches along the seams. Now you’re ready to utilize your power stretcher kit. Set the dial on the power to determine how deep your teeth dig into your carpet. Usually, the deepest setting works best.

Finish with the Carpet Cutter

Once your carpet has been completely stretched, you’ll need to use a carpet cutter and a utility knife to cut off the excess carpet after it has all been completely stretched. Cut an entry point for the cutter with the utility knife from the back. Push hard so as to not cut the carpet too short or too long. Be careful and work slowly to keep your cut straight and accurate.

Carpet stretching is a relatively simple process if you’ve got the proper equipment and know-how. However, it is still a process done best by the professionals. We at the Professional Cleaning Services of Niagara, have the certification and experience to help you feel comfortable knowing that we will do quality work. You don’t need to worry about the job not getting done right of at a low quality. If you are in the Niagara area, and ever have a need for carpet stretching or repair don’t wait to call the pros at Professional Cleaning Services of Niagara.  

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