Niagara Region Sexual Assault Centre

The Niagara Region Sexual Assault Centre (CARSA Inc.) touches the lives of thousands of adults, teenagers and children every year through educational programs in schools and out in the community around the Niagara region.

Community partners like PCS of Niagara help make it possible for the Centre to provide these educational programs on violence prevention as well as support services for victims of sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse and incest.

“We are so thrilled to partner with PCS of Niagara,” said Sharon Pazzaglia, project development coordinator for the Sexual Assault Centre. “We consider them leaders in the community for taking on such a sensitive topic head-on.”

Seventy per cent of the funding for the Centre comes from the Ministry of the Attorney-General and the United Way.  The agency has to raise the remaining 30 per cent – about $175,000 per year – to sustain their programs and services.

“Support from the business community not only assists us financially with our work, but it also helps make everyone less uncomfortable with dealing with the issue of sexual assault, especially when children are victimized,” said Pazzaglia.

“Being able to talk about this issue reduces the vulnerability of children,” she said. “It makes it easier for them, as well as adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse and incest, to come forward and seek help.  Besides feeling shame and blaming themselves for the abuse, children are often not believed when they try to tell an adult what is happening to them.”

She pointed out that other societal problems such as domestic violence and drunk driving used to be considered taboo topics of discussion as well, but there is now a greater comfort level with these subjects.

“Raising these issues was the first step toward changing the attitude of society toward these harmful behaviours,” said Pazzaglia . “We need to get the message out that sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse and incest are also major societal problems that should not be tolerated. We can’t continue to look the other way.”

“If more businesses were to follow the lead of PCS of Niagara in designating the Niagara Region Sexual Assault Centre as their charity of choice,” said Pazzaglia, “it would go a long way to help us in our efforts to prevent this act of violence against children, women and men.”

The agency reaches over 10,000 elementary and high school students annually from grades one to 12 through educational programs.  The Child Assault Prevention (CAP) program, offered to grades one to six, teaches children strategies to deal with intimidating and frightening situations involving bullies, strangers, physical and emotional abuse, and incest. The program is currently booked two years in advance.

Grades seven and eight students participate in the Youth Issues program which covers various topics including Internet safety and sexual harassment.  Presentations are also delivered to high school students and community groups on sexual assault, date rape drugs and personal safety -related issues.

For victims of sexual assault, the Centre provides individual and group counselling, a 24- hour crisis line, and a Hospital Response program. There is no charge to clients who use these services.

The educational programs and support services are partially funded through sponsorships and donations from the business community.  There are many opportunities for businesses to get involved with the Niagara Region Sexual Assault Centre, including the annual Tournament of Kindness and the Disco Ball.  If you would like to join PCS of Niagara in supporting the Centre’s invaluable work throughout the Niagara region, contact the agency at             905 682-7258       or visit their website

For individuals and companies that get involved with us, we’ll give back 10% of their cleaning investment directly to CARSA or if they prefer we’ll reduce their investment by 10% and they can write a cheque to CARSA or any other charity of their choice and we’ll make sure that it is delivered in their name.

Our goal is to raise at least $3000 between now and the end of August through this community program.  Much needed dollars going to great community work!

It’s win-win for everyone.  You get a healthier home or office environment and a well deserved charity gets your help.

We Challenge other companies and organizations to develop a similar sharing program this summer for a charity of their choice.

The need has never been greater!!


1) Clip out CARSA’s logo from this page
2) Call Annette or Len at  (905) 646-6655 and ask to be involved with this drive.  They will arrange a no-cost in-home or office audit to determine your needs.
3) Present CARSA’s Logo or mention this program and 10% of your investment will flow to the charity.
4) If you do not need cleaning services contact The Sexual Assault Centre directly at  (905) 682-7258 and please give generously.
5) Or go To, click on the community pages and follow the links.

All of us at PCS of Niagara thank-you for your support of not only us, but all the wonderful community groups you support with your time or money!
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