Cleaning Oriental Rugs in Niagara After a Fire

Removing Smoke from Oriental Rugs in NiagaraFires can cause a significant amount of damage to your belongings both directly and indirectly through smoke and soot. After a fire many items will be covered in soot or emit a strong smoke odor, including your beloved Oriental rugs.

The good news is that most Oriental rugs with smoke or soot damage can be cleaned and restored at Professional Carpet Systems in Niagara. If the Oriental rug has suffered fire damage, it can sometimes be cleaned and repaired by a skilled professional after fire damage. Most wool Oriental rugs are not destroyed during a fire because their high moisture content prevents them from burning, but they may still have fire damage requiring repair, and will likely have smoke or soot damage.

Removing Smoke and Soot From Oriental Rugs

When dealing with smoke and soot damage from a fire in Niagara, it’s important to realize that the residue left behind is acidic and can continue to cause damage long after the fire is extinguished. If your Oriental rug has suffered smoke damage, it is incredibly important to have it cleaned by a professional at PCS Niagara as soon as possible to limit damage.

While you may not think that your Oriental rug can be cleaned following extensive smoke and soot damage, a wash by a professional Oriental rug cleaner in Niagara can actually provide amazing results. A thorough Oriental rug cleaning can remove black soot, restore the vibrant colors of your rug and neutralize any remaining odors of smoke. If your rug has smoke and soot damage, you should always consult a professional oriental rug cleaner at PCS Niagara to determine if it can be cleaned, especially if the rug is of significant value to you.

How Oriental Rugs are Cleaned After a Fire

If your Oriental rug has suffered damage due to a fire, the amount and extent of the damage will determine what steps are necessary during the cleaning and restoration of your rug. Oriental rugs that have minor smoke and soot damage usually only require a wash at a professional rug cleaning plant to remove the fine particulates attached to the rug that cause odors and discoloration.

Cleaning Oriental rugs after moderate and heavy smoke and soot damage will require a wash as well as an additional deodorizing treatment to fully release the smoke odors. This cleaning should only be performed at a plant by a skilled rug cleaner.

If flames or embers have damaged your rug, reweaving and reknotting can sometimes repair actual fire damage. Due to high moisture contents, wool rugs will generally not ignite, and therefore may only have minimal damage. Even if you believe your Oriental rug is damaged beyond repair, it is always worth it to consult an Oriental rug cleaning professional at PCS Niagara to see what, if anything, can be done.

Indirect Fire Damage to Rugs and Textiles

Even if your home was not directly affected by a fire, or the area in which your Oriental rug is located was not damaged, it is still possible that there is smoke damage to your rug. After a fire or after smoke and soot has entered your home, you should check your Oriental rug and other textiles for possible smoke damage. If there is even a faint odor of smoke, damage may be occurring without you knowing.

An Oriental rug cleaning professional at PCS Niagara can help determine if you should have your rugs washed to remove smoke and soot residue. When in doubt, it is best to consult a professional who has the knowledge and expertise necessary to identify damage to your rug, and who then has the tools and facilities to thoroughly clean and restore your rug.

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