Commercial Carpet Maintenance Programs

If you have carpet in your commercial business, maintaining its appearance over time can be a difficult task. If you are waiting until the carpet starts to look dirty, you may actually be reducing the life and appearance of your carpets over time. By utilizing a regular Carpet Maintenance Program tailored specifically to your company’s needs, you can keep your carpet looking great over time, while also increasing carpet life.

Why Should I Have the Carpets Cleaned if They Don’t Look Dirty?

Traditionally, carpets are cleaned when their appearance begins to suffer. There are a few issues with this methodology. First, if you wait for your carpets to look dirty, fiber damage can occur due to the embedded soils, and while your carpets might look “clean” after a professional cleaning, their overall appearance may suffer due to the fiber damage, leading you to replace the carpet sooner than expected. Second, if you wait until the carpets look dirty to you – someone who sees them every day – they might look really dirty to an occasional visitor to your business.


Benefits of a Carpet Appearance Management Program

Here are the primary benefits for using a Carpet Appearance Management program for your carpets:

  • Carpet care is based on usage, not appearance.
  • This extends carpet life by reducing fiber damage.
  • Stains are not allowed to accumulate and set, leading to a more uniform color.
  • You get the best looking carpets for the longest amount of time.

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