Reasons Why Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Crucial 

carpet cleaning niagara falls, professional carpet cleaning niagara falls, carpet cleaning services niagara falls,If there is any good that came from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is that cleaning and sanitizing has become a bigger priority in our homes and businesses. Providing a clean and healthy environment in your place of work is the number one priority, and entails  much more than wiping down surfaces. One area of your commercial building that should not be overlooked is the flooring, specifically carpet. Carpets can hold over 200,000 bacteria in every square inch, and, according to the United States National Institute of Health, caution should be used when considering the use of wall-to-wall carpet floors in offices. That is where we come in – PCS Niagara offers commercial carpet cleaning services in Niagara Falls, and here are just a few reasons why carpet cleaning services are necessary for your business:

Commercial Carpet Cleaning In Niagara Falls

  • While the surface may appear clean, deeper in the fibers is a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and allergens. In fact, carpet holds 4 times its weight in dirt – one square foot of carpet alone can contain up to 1 pound of dirt, and still look clean. This is because all the contaminants fall to the base of the carpet, where it gets embedded in the fibers. While vacuums are extremely beneficial for removing surface dirt, they do not have the power necessary to remove deep embedded dirt, dust, and germs. This is why professional carpet cleaning is needed.  At PCS Niagara, we have developed the ProCap + carpet cleaning method for achieving and maintaining healthy and clean carpets in a commercial setting. We use a processing system that penetrates cleaning solutions deep into carpet fibers to ensure that all the soil, debris, and pollutants are safely and thoroughly removed. This type of cleaning technique is the single best way to improve and maintain the health of your carpets. 
  • Indoor air quality can be greatly compromised by dirty carpet. Since carpets harbor so many contaminants, this one shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Foot traffic on carpet doesn’t just push contaminants deeper into the carpet fibers, it also disrupts all the dirt, dust, and germs sending them out into the air. Dirty carpets mean dirty air, and breathing in dirty, contaminated air is bad for your health. Dirt carpets can also give off a musty odor over time, which does not help the air quality situation. As all the contaminants embedded in the carpet sit over time, it will begin to fester and rot, explaining the smell. The longer it goes without being cleaned, the worse the problem becomes and the higher the risk is for mold growth. Mold spores in the air can cause numerous respiratory symptoms, and are very bad for your health.  Do not compromise the indoor air quality in your commercial space – get those carpets professionally cleaned!
  • Since you can’t have people remove their shoes when coming into a commercial space, you have to plan on the amount of dirt being tracked in to be very high. Since we explained all the health hazards associated with dirty carpet, we feel like it is important to also address the appearance. Carpets that go without deep cleaning will begin to look dingy and dull because of the excess materials embedded in them. You want your commercial space to be clean, inviting, and appealing to both customers and employees. After PCS Niagara’s commercial carpet cleaning services, your carpets will be looking better than ever, and you can rest assured that the overall health of your office space is greatly improved. 
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