Commercial Carpet Care

Clean Carpets Make a Dazzling First Impression On Your Customers

One of the first things your clients, employees and other guests notice when they visit your commercial facility or office is the condition of your carpets. Dirty carpets can say a lot about how you manage your business and can contribute to the first impression your visitors get. Commercial properties receive heavy foot traffic and can get dirtier than the carpet in your home – your visitors and employees can track in loose gravel and asphalt oil from the parking lot, drinks can get spilled and dirt and debris become ground in, making it difficult to remove with a standard vacuum. Even the regular cleaning performed by your employees may not be enough to completely remove all of the soil and unsightly stains. Keeping your carpet clean and well maintained with professional carpet cleaning services will leave you with visually appealing carpets that offer a warm welcome and improve the feel of your facility or office, which can go a long way towards making that first impression a positive one.

We offer commercial carpet cleaning services for the following:

Hotels Medical Office Buildings Professional Buildings Property Management

Things You Should Know About Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  • When you need to have your carpets professionally cleaned you don’t have to have your entire facility done. Often professionals can treat specific traffic zones, with the heaviest soiling zones getting the most attention.
  • With a proper carpet cleaning system in place, you can reduce the overall lifecycle cost of your building maintenance.
  • Your entire staff will appreciate the cleaner working environment when you hire professional carpet cleaning services. Poor indoor air quality can lead to higher employee absenteeism due to the increased risk of illness.
  • Everyone will have a positive first impression of your facility or office.
  • Extraction cleaning can now be augmented with encapsulation cleaning that provides continuous protection.
  • Selecting the appropriate flooring product for your commercial property is important and will impact the amount of maintenance required to keep your property looking great. If you are considering new flooring for your commercial space, click here to learn more about optimizing flooring performance.

ProCap+ Carpet CleaningCimex Machine

We developed ProCap+ and it is one of the most sought out methods for maintaining carpet in a commercial setting because it is a cost-effective, fast and low-moisture cleaning method. Recurring stains and wicking are common problems for commercial carpets. The crystallizing detergents and low moisture attributes of encapsulation carpet cleaning help eliminate these problems.

  • First, your carpet is pretreated with an encapsulating cleaning solution.
  • Next, we use a processing system to agitate the cleaning solution into your carpet fibers, making sure that all sides of the fibre are treated – not just the tips.
  • As the cleaning solution dries it forms a crystal that will encapsulate or trap all of the soil, debris, and pollutants that are embedded in your carpet fibers. These crystals are then removed with regular vacuuming.
  • The encapsulation method will continue to work long after the initial cleaning. Any remaining solution will continue to trap soil, making it easier to remove with regular vacuuming.
  • No need to worry about security issues created by having doors open to let hoses in. The system does not require outside power sources.

Our 200% Satisfaction Guarantee

You’ll enjoy our courteous, uniformed, and knowledgeable specialists that utilize our specially designed equipment and proprietary cleaning and spot removal formulations. We are also completely insured for your protection (certificates of coverage upon request).


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