Can Commercial Cleaning Services Help Control Viruses At Work?

commercial cleaning services niagara falls, commercial cleaning niagara falls, cleaning services niagara fallsKeeping a clean work environment has always been important to you. But with more than a year of changing COVID-19 protocols, regular cleaning and disinfecting have become more confusing and difficult. How do you keep workers, customers and vendors safe? What tasks could be outsourced to create a healthier workspace?

You’ve been responsible by supplying protective gear. You’ve been following the guidelines laid out by local health authorities and the CDC. You’ve even been enforcing policies about social distancing. But are you exposing the team (and wasting your resources) by cleaning haphazardly?

Regular cleaning and disinfecting are key in preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses that can make people sick: influenza, E Coli, Streptococcus and COVID-19. And the most reliable way to protect your workplace is to hire well trained and well equipped commercial cleaning services professionals. Powerful (but safe) disinfectants recommended by the CDC are the first line of defense. And when the cleaning crew returns on a regular basis, you can focus on your core business.

Commercial cleaning services can help in any industry: office buildings, industrial, manufacturing, warehouses, hospitals, educational institutions, and HazMat. Experienced cleaners will have the capacity to deal with any unique cleaning needs that your business may present. Invite the PCS Niagara team to brainstorm with you. 

Commercial Cleaning Services In Niagara Falls

Is Cleaning Different From Disinfecting?

Cleaning with soap and water will physically remove germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects. Note that cleaning will not kill germs; it removes them or will reduce the number of germs, lowering the risk of infection.

Disinfecting destroys or inactivates both the bacteria and viruses identified on the product’s label (like influenza and rhinovirus) on hard, nonporous surfaces.   Disinfecting hard, nonporous surfaces is one of the most reliable ways to help lower the risk of spreading germs at work from surfaces by touch.

So you need both–clean surfaces and objects using soap and water prior to disinfection. Count on the commercial cleaning services experts at PCS Niagara to clean and disinfect the surfaces that expose your team and clients to germs. 

Reduced Spread of Disease = Fewer Sick Days

A thorough cleaning of the entire workplace is critical to slowing the spread of disease. When your most valued team is out of the office, production slows.  Unfortunately,  asymptomatic employees might not even know they have been exposed. A deep, professional cleaning is an important factor in keeping your workforce healthier and can help reduce the spread of? bacteria and viruses. 

Viruses live and pose the risk of infecting others for up to 48 hours on a surface such as a desk, workstation, or table. Continue to invest in no-touch wastebaskets, hand-drying systems, and soap dispensers in all shared areas. The CDC recommends sanitizing areas such as desktops, doorknobs, faucets, and phones daily.   

Specific Covid Control

After almost two years, we know quite a bit about the virus. SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted through droplets in a person’s breath that don’t usually linger in the air long before sinking to the ground. However, if they contact a person’s mouth, nose, eyes, or a surface where they can be   transmitted to another person, then the virus can spread.

Thankfully, the virus is not particularly difficult to eradicate. According to the CDC, cleaning with a household cleaner removes most virus particles on surfaces. 

Unless someone in your home is sick or if someone who is positive for COVID-19 has been in your home within the last 24 hours, disinfection to reduce transmission of COVID-19 at home is likely not needed. But the standard of care at your place of work needs to be higher. PCS Niagra will clean all surfaces with CDC approved products.

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For commercial cleaning, count on the experts in PCS Niagara to keep your workplace safe.. You can expect courteous, uniformed, and knowledgeable specialists to utilize specially designed equipment and proprietary cleaning and spot removal formulations. For office cleaning in the Niagara Falls area, please contact us for commercial cleaning services.

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