How Clean Is Your Office?

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In almost every commercial setting, carpet is now the number one floor choice. Every business owner wants to have their business displayed in a positive way. Even if clients never enter your business, carpet cleaning should not be ignored.

Abrasive particles in your floor can be ground down further into the fibers of your carpet causing your carpet to wear faster. Having your carpets professionally cleaned will not only give you a better looking office but a healthier office environment as well.

Schedule Regular Cleanings

A general rule that you should follow is to have your carpets professional cleaned at least once every 12 months. This may vary based on the foot traffic in your space. If you get a lot of traffic then you may need professional carpet cleaning services more often. Regularly scheduled appointments will help keep your office clean and make it a healthy environment not just for your clients, but also for your employees.

Your business may only have occasional customer visits, or it may host clients all day or your office, or it may never have any public traffic. However, any traffic in your business will bring in dirt, increase wear on your carpets, and can cause an unhealthy workplace. Spot and stains happen in almost every environment you are in. The most important thing you can do when this happens is to treat the area as soon as it happens. This will dramatically help reduce the chance of the stain resoiling.  Always consider what kind of debris is being tracked into your business. Your employees always pay attention to the work area that they are in. Even if the office owner may not be concerned about the appearance or look.

Vacuum Daily

Having entry mats near the entrances and doing daily vacuuming where there is heavy traffic, can help keep many of these particles from being ground into your carpets. This may be a great start, however, this isn’t a perfect solution to your problem. With this method, you will need a heavy commercial carpet cleaning before too long. Every time dirt or other soils get ground down into your carpets, this will help contribute to a dulling appearance to your floor. Also, this can cause your carpet fibers to start to erode decreasing the strength and also bring a stale odor. If you have any of the following being tracked in your commercial office, you should consider having it cleaned every 4 to 6 months.

  • Residual oils
  • Winter salt from walkways and parking lots
  • Sand from parking lots
  • Chemicals used on grass
  • Fine grit and dirt

Regular commercial carpet cleaning in your office is necessary to help maintain a professional and a healthy atmosphere. Employees do no like to work in an unhealthy environment and over time, your flooring will pick up a great deal of soil and debris. If these particles are not regularly removed, your floor will begin to deteriorate at a fast rate and giving your business an unattractive and dirty appearance. However, certified professionals can help keep your flooring nearly soil free with regular carpet cleaning.

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