Dry Rot and your Rugs in Niagara

When our beloved rugs fall victim to dry rot the results are almost never good. Dry rot is one of the worst conditions for rugs. There are a lot of conditions that can cause damage to rugs and some are worse than others. For example things like mold and mildew, when handled relatively early, can be eliminated and the rug can be restored. However, there is no fixing dry rot. Since we cannot fix dry rot, we must prevent it.

Why is Dry Rot in Rugs so Bad?

Dry rot in a rug is the deterioration of the foundation fibers. Once a rug hits the dry rot stage there is really no turning back. Dry rot will cause the entire structural integrity of a rug to be comprised and the rug will simply fall apart. Something we NEVER want to have happen to our precious rugs.

3 Things that can Cause Dry Rot in Rugs?

PCS Niagara Professional Rug Cleaning 1. MOISTURE: Dry rot is really a moisture issue. Whether it is too much or too little moisture, both can cause problems. Too much moisture happens when you home or office experiences a water damage that touches your rug. Obviously large flood damage events harm rugs, but often it is the small water damages that prove devastating to rugs.
For example, if water leaks from overwatering a plant and your rug absorbs that water your rug is in danger of irreversible damage — and you may not even realize such severe damage may be in process.

2. PETS: We love the little critters that live with us…but we all know that accidents happen. The salts in pet urine are more destructive to the cotton foundation fibers in rugs than plain water.

3. AGE: Simple aging can have adverse effects on rug fibers. Over time cleaning residue and direct sunlight can both cause irreversible damage to rug fibers. By being aware of some of these causes of dry rot you can take actions to prevent it and prolong the life of your rug.

How Can I Identify Dry Rot?

Be aware of any discoloration, this includes moldy looking areas. Take the time to examine the backside of the rug, often the beginning signs of damage are hidden underneath. Listen and touch tests are two simple ways to test an area for dry rot. If the area is stiff to the touch that is an indicator and if the rug sounds like wood when you knock on it— your “touch” test tells you dry rot may have set in. To try the “listen” test simply bend the rug and listen for a cracking sound. Of course, yo DO NOT want to hear cracking.

 Trust the Professionals at PCS Niagara with your Rugs

We understand that the rugs in your home or office are valuable. Nobody likes to hear that dry rot is the problem with their rugs, but you can trust the professionals at PCS Niagara to help you understand what is happening to the fibers of your rug and you can be confident that IF your rug can be saved we will make it happen! Our years of rug cleaning experience go to work for you!

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