FAQ: Rug Binding in Niagara Falls

rug binding niagara fallsIf you are in Niagara Falls and are in need of an area rug in a specific or unusual size, want something that matches other flooring in your home, or are looking for a cost-efficient alternative to an area rug, you may be interested in custom rug binding. Rug binding allows you to turn carpet remnants into beautiful area rugs at a lower cost than most area rugs, and you have the flexibility to have a custom shape or size made to suit your space.

How Much Does Rug Binding Cost?

There are several kinds of custom rug binding options available, from basic binding to custom binding with cotton, linen, chenille, faux leather or jute material. Custom binding can be combined with seaming to create custom rugs designs. The type of binding material you use will depend on your own personal preference and taste.

The cost of having a professional provide rug binding in Niagara Falls over some DIY options is minimal. Oftentimes, when considering the cost of materials, equipment, and time invested, it’s usually a wiser decision to have a professional perform rug binding for you, and you’ll get a quality product that is meant to last. If you are considering a DIY project, contact us for a quote so you can consider the costs of doing it yourself versus hiring a professional.

How Can I Custom Design a Rug?

If you are in need of a custom sized rug to fit a hallway, entryway, irregular shaped room, or dining area, rug binding can turn a carpet remnant into a beautiful, affordable rug that fits your space perfectly. Custom rug design – combining and seaming pieces from different carpet pieces –can yield beautiful, unique results.

Our rug experts will work with you to turn your vision into a reality, whether you need simple binding or an intricately designed custom rug. Professional Carpet Systems of Niagara are the new custodians of the Binding Shop and Custom Rug Gallery, and we are happy to answer any questions you might have about rug binding or custom rug services in Niagara Falls and the surrounding region.

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