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carpet cleaning wetlandIf you are in the market for a professional carpet cleaner in Welland, it’s very possible that you are overwhelmed by the sheer number of companies providing carpet cleaning services, the types of services they offer, and all the different kinds of carpet cleaning available. So how do you know which carpet cleaner will do the best job?

It’s reasonable to assume that all carpet cleaners will make your carpets look clean, but carpets that look clean and those that actually are clean and healthy can be two different things. Make sure you hire a carpet cleaner that cares about the health of your carpet as well as the health of your indoor environment over simply the aesthetics of your carpet.

Why Should I have My Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

There are several reasons to have your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner in Welland, and the reason many people do is because their carpets are starting to look old or dirty from regular traffic, or they have a few stains that just won’t come out. What is important to note, however, is that dirty carpets can actually mean carpet damage, and dirt and allergens trapped deep in the carpet fibers can be causing allergies.

Dirt embedded deep in your carpet can cause permanent damage to your carpet fibers, shortening the lifespan of your carpets. By having your carpets professional cleaned at least once per year you are protecting your investment and ensuring the longest life for your carpet.

Carpets naturally attract dirt, oils, allergens, dust mites, mold spores, dander, and all those other microscopic things floating around your home. Having a professional carpet cleaner remove these things from your carpet will dramatically improve your indoor air quality. Professional Carpet Systems utilizes hot water extraction to get the most set-in soils and to kill bacteria in your carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Process

If you are shopping around for a carpet cleaner in Welland, it is important that you ask about their cleaning process and the steps they take to ensure your carpets are clean and healthy afterwards. At PCS Niagara, our carpet cleaning process generally involves vacuuming as much loose dirt as possible, pre-treating stains or high-traffic areas, safely agitating or “scrubbing” the carpet fibers, followed by a thorough hot water rinse and extraction. After your carpets are clean, we will groom your carpets and use high-powered fans to dry your carpeting quicker. Our carpet cleaning process protects your carpets and ensures they get clean without residues or dirt left behind.

Keeping Carpets Clean After Professional Cleaning

After we get our carpets clean, it is important that we maintain that look for as long as possible. Remember to vacuum regularly, at least weekly and more often in high-traffic areas, and address stains as soon as possible. If you’ve had your carpets cleaned by PCS Niagara, know that we are here for you to answer any questions you have about your carpet. And, most importantly, maintain regularly scheduled professional carpet cleanings to prolong the life of your carpet and ensure it is clean and healthy.

PCS Niagara provides carpet cleaning services in Welland and the surrounding areas throughout the Niagara region. Call PCS Niagara today to schedule your carpet cleaning.

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