Flood Warning!!!!

To all our friends and clients from Professional Carpet Systems

WarningThe last reason we want to come to your home or business is to deal with a water flood in your basement!

Fact: We are to get 30 to 40mm (1-2 inches) of rain starting overnight on Thursday Night.

Fact: Most of our homes have a lot of snow around our foundations and on our sidewalk banks and lots that is going to be melting at a very rapid pace between now (Wednesday) and Saturday.

Things you can do:

1. Make sure you shovel paths or trenches for melting snow and rain water to run away from your house – not towards it

2. Check that all your downspouts get water away from the house- some may have got knocked off over the winter

3. Make sure your sump pump (if you have one) is operating properly and discharging the water away from your home – be a good neighbor and make sure it is not running towards someone else’s foundation

4. If your basement is unfinished have all valuable items off the floor on 2×4’s or some other way of providing clearance

5. If you have loose rugs in the basement it may be useful to pick them up until you know there is no danger of flooding

6. If your basement is finished – get as many things as you can lifted off the floor or carpet
. Please start doing this today – Wednesday.

  Your friends at Professional Carpet Systems do not want to see you with a flooded basement.

 Please circulate this warning to your friends on facebook, twitter, etc and if you have contacts with any of the local media – get it out to them.

For Immediate Release

Rugs and Floods – By Lisa Wagner (The Rug Chick)

With the number of home floods escalating due to the severe weather, a number of rugs will be exposed to flood water.

The longer a rug remains wet the more likely it is to have dye migration that is not correctible. Rugs that are not washed properly and dried thoroughly can end up with mildew and dry rot problems.

Here are tips to minimize the damage of rugs involved in floods:

–       Extract the water as soon as possible using a wet vacuum or having your restoration company extract with their professional water removal equipment.
–       Make sure you extract WITH the direction of the rug’s fiber nap, instead of against it (this minimizes fiber damage).
–       If you are unable to have the rugs thoroughly washed right away, then it’s important to get the rugs as dry as possible to stop the damage risks. Dry them and wash them later.
–       When transporting to a facility to be cleaned, wrap in towels or sheets to prevent dye from bleeding from one rug on to another.
–       Do NOT hang up wet rugs. Extract and dry out flat.
–       Do NOT dry in direct sunlight. Most contemporary rugs are sensitive to sunlight fading. If you must dry in sunlight, lay the rugs face down so fading occurs on the backside only until the rugs are taken to a cleaning facility.

Wool and silk oriental rugs can take months, sometimes years, to weave by hand. If you have investment textiles you want to protect from a flood that has affected your home, simply follow those guidelines and you can lessen the risk of permanent damage to your rugs due to extended exposure to water.

For more information about rug care, contact us at The Old World Rug Company at Professional Carpet Systems 905-646-6655 or admin@pcsniagara.com

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