How To Clean Tile And Grout In Your Shower

tile and grout cleaning niagara fallsA common question our tile and grout cleaning professionals at PCS Niagara get asked is, ‘How do you clean a tile shower?” This is a great question, especially since there are a number of different cleaning products out there that claim to do the best job at cleaning the tile and grout in your shower. 

Tile And Grout Cleaning Niagara Falls

Here are our cleaning tips to help you get the best results when cleaning the tile and grout in your shower:

  • Gather The Right Supplies: You want to be sure to use supplies that will get the job done without causing any damage or harm to the tile or grout in your shower. You can use plastic mesh non-scratch scrubbers or a plastic all-purpose scouring pad, along with your tile cleaner of choice. Make sure you also have a towel on hand for thorough drying after the cleaning has been completed.
  • Pre-Scrub Tiles: Before applying your cleaner, use a dry scrubber or plastic mesh to loosen dried-on soap scum and build-up from tiles. 
  • Apply Cleaning Agent: Apply your favorite tile cleaner to the entire surface of your shower, especially areas with heavy build-up. Make sure you wait at least 5 minutes for the cleaning agent to penetrate the soap scum and build up before you scrub it off (some cleaners may need even longer, just be sure to follow the directions printed on the label). 
  • Start Scrubbing: Once the cleaning agent has been given time to work its magic, it is time to get scrubbing. Be sure to use the correct cleaning supplies (mentioned above) and do nothing too abrasive that could scratch your tiles or loosen your grout. You may need to spend extra time in corners and other pesky areas where mold and mildew tend to grow. If needed, apply more cleaning agents to stubborn areas. 
  • Rinse: Using hot water, rinse off the excess cleaner and loosened the buildup from the walls and floor of your shower. Be sure to get every surface that had cleaner on it so you leave nothing behind on your tiles. Hot water will help to loosen up any left-over soap scum, grime, and cleaner. 
  • Wipe Down And Dry: This step often gets overlooked because showers are meant to get wet, right? Actually, not drying off your tiles after cleaning them leaves water spots and can facilitate more mold and mildew growth, which you just spent precious time scrubbing away. Drying off the tiles and grout after cleaning is an essential step that should not be skipped. 

Keeping your tile and grout clean makes your shower look and feel better. Just be careful to only use products recommended for the type of tile you have installed in your shower and that won’t damage the grout. If you are unsure what is safe to use for your tile and grout cleaning, you can always call PCS Niagara for help. In fact, we offer tile and grout cleaning services so we can take all the stress, and elbow grease, from you and leave with sparkling clean showers (and any other place in your home that has tile and grout).

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