How to Get The Most Life Out of Your Carpet

professional carpet cleaners wellandIf you’re like most people, you probably wait for your carpets to become visibly soiled before having them a professional carpet cleaner in Welland come to your home. This is mistake! Cleaning your carpets when they are visibly soiled makes sense. But did you know that it’s recommended that you hire a professional carpet cleaner regularly whether you think your carpet is dirty or not? The truth is your carpets are dirty long before they start to look that way.

There’s a common myth that cleaning your carpets causes them to soil more quickly. The truth is, maintaining and properly cleaning your carpet will make it last twice as long. Carpet cleaning processes have improved greatly, and the sticky residue that once attracted soil to your carpets is no longer being used in the carpet cleaning industry.

Carpet Care Tips

Keeping carpet looking good is sometimes a challenge, yet there are things you can do to protect and keep carpet in good condition. Proper carpet care involves preventing soil from entering your home by using entry mats, selecting a vacuum cleaner with a good vacuum cleaner rating, immediate stain removal, and regular visits from a professional carpet cleaner.

One especially helpful tip is to vacuum the carpet as much as possible. Make a habit of vacuuming as often as possible to avoid any soils to settle into the threads. When you actually “see” the dirt on your carpet you have already started to do damage to your carpet’s fibers. Vacuuming in many directions is particularly helpful to pull out deep embedded soils that are hard to get to.

How to Know It’s Time to Have Your Carpets Cleaned

To get the most life out of your carpet, you’ll want to have it cleaned BEFORE it starts to show signs of wear. Regular, professional carpet cleaning is the best way to extend the life of your carpets and keep them looking beautiful for their lifetime. It’s like preventative maintenance in your car. You change the oil in your car before the engine begins to make knocking noises. Take the same good care of your carpet and it will last longer and look better.

The health of your loved ones is another very compelling reason to clean your carpets often. Clean carpet creates a sanitary environment in which to live. More people means increased carpet traffic and carpet acts like a filter in the indoor environment by trapping soils, oils, and animal dander. Carpets that are not cleaned and properly maintained have the potential to cause many health problems.

Professional Carpet Cleaner in Welland

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