Why Is It Important To Have A Carpet Pad?

Have you ever heard the famous quote from Abraham Lincoln saying that if he had six hours to chop down a forest, he would spend the first four sharpening his axe? While it may seem counterintuitive, preparing in that way would make your forest-chopping labor much more efficient and enjoyable and would be a good use of your time. In a similar way, regarding your carpets, things you do to lay a solid foundation and prepare for carpeting will make a world of difference in the end product. We at PCS Niagara recommend preceding to lay down carpet with a carpet pad – a soft underlay that will support your carpet, for several reasons. In the end, we guarantee that it will make your experience with your carpet more enjoyable!

Here are four reasons why having a carpet pad is important –

importance of rug pad in niagara falls
  1. Having a carpet pad with protect your carpet and the floor underneath. The top layer of carpet is designed to be soft and as comfortable as possible, but the backing of the carpet is far from it. It’s designed for utility; to bind tufts of carpet together and be strong. It is plastic-y and abrasive. If it is placed directly against a floor, all the wear-and-tear from foot traffic can damage both the floor and the carpet over time. 
  2. It will be softer underneath your feet. There’s nothing that says comfort quite as well as a soft floor that gives a little underneath your feet as you walk. Even if you feel when purchasing carpet that your choice will be soft enough on its own without a pad, carpet will settle over time with foot traffic. When carpet becomes “broken in,” it will likely be harder than you want without a carpet pad. For homes especially, it’s a must. 
  3. Carpet pad tends to insulate your home. The hard floors underneath your carpet can be chilly and the places where they connect to the foundation and to the structure of your home have potential to let in drafts. Carpet pads reduce this significantly and serve to make your home more air-tight. You’ll save money on heating and cooling costs, too. 
  4. Carpet pads will make your carpet more durable. I’m sure you’re familiar with the unfortunate fact that once you have put heavy furniture on your carpet, you run the risk of forever having dents and divets in your floor. Having a pad reduces the stress on your carpet and makes it more likely to be resilient when faced with potential damage from heavy items. 

When it comes to carpets, simple steps you can take now in the carpet installing phase of the process are crucial to ensuring the best experience for you as a homeowner. With questions about carpet pads, rug or carpet cleaning and repair, or anything else, call the carpet experts at PCS (Professional Cleaning Specialists) of Niagara. Our staff are prepared to help out with all of your carpet needs. And, best of luck with your new carpet!

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