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Job Positions:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Sales Associate
  • Cleaning Specialist
  • Shop Specialist
  • Custom Carpets & Rug Specialist

What’s it like to work at PCS of Niagara?

“There is teamwork here at PCS. Open communication between the office and the crews out in the field. You also have independence. Management is not constantly watching over you but instead we all know our jobs and get it done as a team.”

– Specialist

“PCS is always on the forefront of technology. In the office as well as in the field, PCS constantly is updating and reviewing all equipment, products and procedures. As an employee, this is a great advantage to ensure that everything we do is as efficient as possible and there is very little stress involved with broken or ill managed equipment.”

– Office

“Work conditions are sometimes hard due to inclement weather; winter has snow and summer has excessive heat. You’ve got to know your limitations and always be careful for slipping, driving and dehydration.”

– Specialist

“Career advancement is 100% encouraged here. This position can be a stepping stone but also a career. Len and Annette promote continuous learning and skills/knowledge expansion and budget for it within the company to ensure all employees complete regular trainings.”

– Specialist

“I am never worried about my job stability or being laid off. The hours are a bit shorter in the winter months and longer in the summer months but I am always working and we know this trend happens so we prepare for it. Definitely easier to get time off around Christmas!”

– Specialist

“The job can be stressful. Dealing with time restrictions for appointments and managing your schedule to make sure you are on time takes a lot of skill. You are always dealing with clients and always should have a smile on your face regardless.”

– Specialist

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