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Additional Services Offered:

  • Carpet Dyeing

Your existing carpet is in great shape, but you’re just tired of the color. We may be able to help. Not all color changes can be made, and not all carpet can be dyed, but many can. Let us take a look and we will let you know what we can do. We have been called miracle workers by some.

  • Carpet Tinting

Has the color in your carpet lost it’s pizzazz? Colorizing or Tinting may be just what your carpet needs to be restored to its original luster.

  • Spot Dyeing

Oops!! Spilled some bleach? Did your plant leave but left its mark? Did the sun do a number on your carpet in front of that sliding glass door? You need PCS of Niagara to dye those spots

  • Carpet Repair

We know how irritating it can be to have a seam broken in your carpet or a burned spot right where everyone can see it. Now you can have those unsightly problems fixed fast, fixed right, and priced reasonably. We can also tighten loose carpet and fix those areas where the carpet has come out of the metal edging.

  • Auto/RV/Boat textile cleaning

Don’t forget that your cars have upholstery and carpet. And if you have a boat or a RV, even an airplane. we can clean them while we are at your home or business establishment.

  • Mattresses

When is the last time you cleaned your mattresses? Undesirable critters feed on dead skin cells that our bodies are constantly shedding. Let us deep clean your mattresses, sanitize, and Scotchgard them. You’ll sleep more soundly knowing that they are properly cared for by our certified cleaning specialists.

  • Protection

Don’t be without out this valuable protection against dry soil and spills. Maxim is one of the most trusted names in carpet and upholstery protection. Keep your carpet and upholstery cleaner, spot free with this fine product and elongate the life of your textile by limiting wear damage on high traffic areas. Just ask us how this time tested product works and we will be glad to explain it to you.

  • Deodorizer

Why not have your whole house smell fresh and odor free? Our general purpose deodorizer is made to remove those odors that build up deep within our carpets and make them smell spring fresh again!

  • Heavy Duty Deodorizing for persistent odor problems

Pet, kids, and other causes sometimes create persistent odor problems that need extra attention. This product attacks odor problems at their source.

  • Special Pet problem deodorizing service

Most of us have them, and no matter how careful we are sometimes accidents happen. When they do … you’ll need this treatment to cure the resulting problem.

  • Perky & Grandi Groomer (residential & professional size carpet grooming tools)

You’re going to love the way your carpet looks after your certified PCS of Niagara Specialist has finished cleaning and grooming them. Now you can purchase a residential version of the same nifty tool that gives your carpet that fluffy, new look. Helps to remove up to 23% more gritty soil when used prior to vacuuming.

  • ProClean Package Carpet Appearance Maintenance Program

Sign up for this program and never worry about your carpets again. Small monthly payments, conveniently charged to your credit card, makes total carpet care a financial breeze. Now you never have to be concerned about losing your carpet warranty because of a missed cleaning and you get substantial savings on your carpet and upholstery care. Ask us about this time and money saving offer.

  • Water Damage Restoration

When the unthinkable happens and you’re up to HERE in water, pick up the nearest phone and call Professional Carpet System and we’ll be there in a matter of minutes. We have the right equipment, the right know how, and the right timing. When disaster strikes, let us help you get back to normal. We will work with your insurance company too!

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