Making A Great First Impression With Your Office

office carpet cleaning niagara falls, professional office carpet cleaning niagara fallsFirst impressions are everything and your office lobby is no exception. Your clients or customers, a clean lobby can make as important an impact as your staff’s professionalism or your products’ or services’ reliability. A lobby or waiting area is the first place your clients or customers see and having a clean one can help create a more positive and lasting impression.

Step Outside

Next time you come to work, approach the site as a first-time customer would.  Is the signage accurate, clean and inviting? Is the space clear of trash and clutter? The windows should be cleaned often– both inside and out. The entrance should be obvious and welcoming with both inside and outside of your doors clean and spotless.

Maximize The Natural Light

Investigate the feeling in the common entrance. An over-abundance of harsh artificial fluorescent lighting can create an overly commercial vibe. Remove old blinds and window coverings to allow more natural light. If possible add skylights or an atrium to your space

Better artificial lighting in the workplace will also make an impact. Unlike the usual cold fluorescent and incandescent lighting you find in office settings, warm LED lighting can mimic sunlight.

Incorporate Natural Textures

Another obvious way to include natural elements in your office renovation is through natural grains and textures, like wood. Include other visuals like plants or plant-like materials, plus:

  • Exposed brick
  • Concrete floors
  • Stone counters, tables or other accents

The Main Area

What is the general tidiness of the main area like? Remove and clutter and disorganized areas. Any surfaces your customers may touch like door handles, counter tops, card machines, and furniture must be spotless. Trash bins should never overflow, add more recycling receptacles to manage waste.

Dirty carpets can say a lot about how you manage your business and can contribute to the first impression your visitors get. Commercial properties receive heavy foot traffic and can get dirtier than the carpet in your home; people track in loose gravel and asphalt oil from the parking lot. Even the regular cleaning performed by your employees may not be enough to completely remove all of the soil and unsightly stains. An organized and neat office builds the reputation of your business.

Carpet Appearance Management From PCS Niagara

If you wait for your carpets to look dirty, fiber damage can occur due to the embedded soils. Your carpets might look “clean” after a quick vacuum but their overall appearance may suffer and require replacement sooner than expected. And honestly, if you wait until the carpets look dirty to you – someone who sees them every day – they might look really dirty to an occasional visitor to your business.

For office cleaning in the Niagara Falls area, please call 289-271-0163 or visit PCS Niagara’s 200% satisfaction guarantees the highest professional standards. They will re-clean any areas that you feel dissatisfied with, for free. If you are still not pleased, they will return your money for those area(s) & pay another company of your choice to redo them.



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