The Best Office Carpet Cleaning In Niagara Falls

office carpet cleaning niagara falls, commercial carpet cleaning niagara falls, carpet cleaning niagara fallsYour office carpets make an impression on your clients, your employees, and your partners. But the materials you choose and how you maintain them can determine whether the impression is positive or negative. In Niagara Falls, PCS Niagara is a great resource to help you clean and maintain your carpets.

Tips For Better Workspace Carpets

  • You don’t have to have your entire facility carpets cleaned EVERY TIME. Often professionals can treat the heaviest soiled traffic zones.
  • Reduce the overall lifecycle cost of your building maintenance with a floor maintenance plan.
  • Dirty carpet can create dirty air. Poor indoor air quality can lead to higher employee absenteeism due to the increased risk of illness. Increase workplace production.
  • Everyone will have a positive first impression of your facility or office.
  • Choosing appropriate flooring products for your commercial property will impact the amount of maintenance required to keep it up.

Hard Surface Flooring

Hard surface flooring, especially sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl tile and wood, are good options for commercial flooring. However, the products have to qualify for true commercial use and you have to be cautious where you source them; choose from a supplier that understands your needs. For example, luxury vinyl plank flooring intended for home use can have instability issues in an industrial setting. 

Carpet Durability Factors

Woven carpet is one of the best performing carpets there is. Woven carpet, especially Axminster and Wilton, have a long history in the commercial market. These products occupy the highest category of textile floor covering materials. Their density is measured differently in that the products can range from 7 row to as much 12 row and the quality of the wool can make a difference; they are also made with 100% nylon as well. Cushion backings can also be added to improve performance.

Addition Flooring Factors 

Other major factors to consider for businesses in retail or manufacturing are noise and traffic. Will the clattering of wheels running along a ceramic floor be irritating? Will the noise of a forklift on the floor echo in a manufacturing environment?

If your business uses large goods vehicles and heavy machinery you will need a stronger, more durable option. For example ceramic would be easily damaged and crack under the weight of heavy machinery; high grade pvc tile flooring could allow for extremely heavy weights and pressure. The slip rating is an additional important factor for safety.

Office Carpet Cleaning In Niagara Falls

If you wait for your carpets to look dirty before contacting a professional office carpet cleaning company, fiber damage can occur due to the embedded soils. Your carpets might look “clean” after a quick vacuum but their overall appearance may suffer and require replacement sooner than expected. And honestly, if you wait until the floors look dirty to you – someone who sees them every day – they might look really dirty to an occasional visitor to your business.

For professional office carpet cleaning in the Niagara Falls area, please contact us. PCS Niagara’s 200% satisfaction guarantees the highest professional carpet cleaning standards. We will re-clean any areas that you feel dissatisfied with, for free. If you are still not pleased, We will return your money for those area(s) & pay another company of your choice to redo them.

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