Ordinary Carpet Cleaner & Water Damage

Why An Ordinary Carpet Cleaner May Not Be Your Best Choice

When you experience a water damage loss you need the most qualified firm to put you back to normal as fast as possible and with the least disruption in your life. Unfortunately, not all companies that clean carpet and even advertise that they handle water damage are qualified to dry down your wet home and contents. To handle water damage properly, it requires the company and it?s technicians to be appropriately trained in the science of drying. The firm also should have the required monitoring instruments that can detect the presence of moisture even behind walls and under floors. Only after adequate testing with these sensitive instruments can you be sure that your home is thoroughly dried out and safe from potential build up of mold, mildew, and other microorganisms. A professional water damage restoration firm will have special air movers that direct large volumes of air along the floors, walls and carpets to speed up the drying time. They will also have commercial dehumidifiers that may be needed when conditions in the home are humid and drying the air becomes important.

Before choosing a firm to assist you with drying down your home, ask what industry certifications the firm and its technicians have. One excellent certification comes from a non-profit certifying body in the cleaning industry called The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification or IICRC for short. Someone in the company you select should be certified as a Water Damage Restoration Technician. Ask them what testing and monitoring equipment they have and if they plan to use air movers and commercial dehumidifiers. You deserve a qualified, professional company to return your home to the condition it was in prior to the loss, don’t settle for less.

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