Oriental Rug Cleaning After a Flood in Niagara

flood damage rug cleaning Niagara falls Flooding and water damage can significantly damage Oriental rugs. If are in Niagara Falls and your Oriental rugs are damaged in a flood, you will need to act quickly to prevent permanent damage, mildew, and dry rot. In addition to physical damage to your Oriental rugs, flooding can also cause permanent dye migration or fading that will forever change the look of your Oriental rug.

By knowing what to do and how to handle water-damaged Oriental rugs you can protect your investment by reducing total damage. Water can cause a significant amount of damage fairly quickly, and time is important. Water damaged Oriental rugs will need to be cleaned and sanitized quickly after flooding, and you will want to work with a professional rug cleaner like PCS Niagara when cleaning your Oriental rugs.

Cleaning Oriental Rugs After Flooding

While flooding is usually unpredictable, sometimes you may have enough warning to be able to move your Oriental rug to a safer location that is less at risk of flood damage. In those unexpected times of flooding, or if your rug is too big or heavy to move to another area, it will likely suffer water damage.

Oriental rugs are usually heavy enough without the added weight of water, and once saturated or submerged it will be nearly impossible to move the rug without first extracting the water from the carpet fibers. Water should be extracted as soon as possible from the Oriental rug, then it should be moved to a cleaning plant where it can be washed and sanitized.

An emergency flood restoration company can extract water from the rug as long as they know how to do so without damaging the rug, but Oriental rugs should always be cleaned off-site at a rug wash plant. Even if you can’t clean the Oriental rugs right away, removing as much excess water as possible will reduce your damages and lower the risk of mildew and dry rot.

If you cannot have your Oriental rugs professional cleaned immediately, thorough drying is incredibly important to prevent additional damage. Before cleaning your Oriental rugs you can lay them out flat to dry, but do not put them in direct sunlight as this can result in fading. Never hang a wet rug to dry, as this too can damage the rug. If you must put your Oriental rugs outside the dry, lay them face down to prevent damage from sunlight.

Why Oriental Rugs Should be Cleaned Professionally After Floods

If your Oriental rug was damaged during a flood in Niagara, it’s likely that your Oriental rug has absorbed contaminants from the floodwaters that need to be removed. The only way to successfully remove contaminants from floodwaters is to fully wash the Oriental rugs, reaching the innermost fibers of the rug. PCS Niagara has a wash plant capable of cleaning Oriental rugs after floods in Niagara Falls.

Only a professional with specialized training in cleaning Oriental rugs should attempt to wash and restore your rugs. Cleaning Oriental rugs yourself or attempting to clean the rug using surface cleaning only will not remove the contaminants and may result in damages to your Oriental rug.

Niagara Falls Oriental Rug Cleaning

If your Oriental rug has been damaged due to flooding, PCS Niagara can restore it’s original beauty by cleaning and thoroughly removing dirt and contaminants from the rug. Even the dirtiest rugs can be cleaned using proper techniques. If you have any questions about cleaning Oriental rugs in Niagara, PCS Niagara is willing to help.

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