Oriental Rug Cleaning in Pelham

July 2013 (2)Professional Oriental rug cleaning in Pelham can not only enhance the beauty of your home but it can improve the health of your home’s environment.  Having your oriental rug cleaned on a yearly basis can prevent breathing hazards, removed trapped dirt and contaminants and can protect against mold growth.

So here is the big question that most Oriental rug owners face, “How to do I prevent stains and how often should our rugs be professionally cleaned?”

What does a professional oriental rug cleaning do?

A professionally cleaned oriental rug will have fully restored bright colors and brings the vibrancy back into your living space.


Your oriental rugs need more than just a thorough vacuuming with a standard vacuum. Oriental rugs should be slowly vacuumed over three times. The likelihood of you catching fringe in your vacuum head is lower if you take a slower pace.

Catch sand and dirt before it has a chance to become embedded in your rug by spot cleaning with club soda and a wet-vac. Only do this if you have the know-how and are comfortable in doing so.


You should have your oriental rug inspected by a professional if it has not been cleaned in the past three years. The professionals at PCS of Niagara can determine if your oriental rug needs a thorough cleaning or not. Depending on the foot traffic your oriental rug receives, it may need to be cleaned sooner than the standard five years of use.


It is highly recommended that your oriental rug be professionally cleaned after five years of use. Professional Oriental rug cleaning involves a deep washing of both sides and the fringe. This cleaning process will rejuvenate and revive your oriental rug.  PCS of Niagara has the right equipment, training and experience necessary to properly clean and repair your oriental rugs in Pelham. Call today!


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