Oriental Rug Cleaning Niagara Falls

If you have invested in a high-quality Oriental rug, or you have inherited an Oriental rug with a lot of value, proper cleaning and care is the only way to protect your investment and the value of your rug. Oriental rugs are hand-made, and improper cleaning can result in fading, dyes bleeding and other damage.

The best and only preferred way for cleaning Oriental rugs is to allow a professional to clean them at a plant specially designed for cleaning handmade Oriental rugs. Oriental rug cleaning is an extensive process, and should only be left to a skilled professional to prevent damage.

Cleaning Oriental Rugs in Niagara Falls

At PCS Niagara, we are fully equipped to properly clean your Oriental rug. The Oriental rug cleaning process is extensive and labor-intensive. Oriental rugs collect dirt deep within the fibers, and the dirt must be removed using a special vacuum or dusting machine that can access and release those embedded dirt particles.

After much of the dirt is removed from your Oriental rug, the rug is thoroughly washed. At PCS Niagara, the rug is placed in a wash floor or a large wash pit that allows the individual cleaning the Oriental rug to thoroughly pre-treat, shampoo and rinse the rug. The rug is then laid out to dry.

Why Professional Cleaning of Oriental Rugs is Recommended

Because dirt particles as well as water particles can remain trapped in the fibers of the rug, off-site cleaning at a plant is the only recommended method for cleaning Oriental rugs. If you are interested in Oriental rug cleaning in Niagara Falls, PCS Niagara has the equipment and expertise needed to clean your Oriental rug without damaging your investment.

After cleaning the Oriental rug, it must be laid out or hung to dry in a controlled environment. Improper drying of Oriental rugs can result in fading, bleeding dyes, buckling and even mildew. They should not be dried in the sun, and will need to dry thoroughly before it can be returned to your home.

Risks of Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Hand-made Oriental rugs, while durable and long lasting, can be significantly damaged if someone without the knowledge and skills necessary attempts to clean Oriental rugs. Only a professional specialized in Oriental rug cleaning techniques should clean your rugs. PCS Niagara is fully equipped for cleaning Oriental rugs in Niagara Falls.

Oriental rugs should never be cleaned in place using a truck-mount or other cleaning system. Traditional steam cleaning can damage Oriental rugs and cause bleeding and fading due to the temperature variations of the steam. Cleaning Oriental rugs should only happen in a wash pit by a professional who understands the construction of your rug.

How to Clean Oriental Rugs in Niagara Falls

Oriental rug cleaning in Niagara can be performed by PCS Niagara. The Oriental rug will be removed and taken to a cleaning plant where it can be properly oriental rug cleaning niagara falls cleaned and dried. Some may be hesitant to allow their expensive rugs to be removed and washed off-site, but it is an essential part of the Oriental rug cleaning process. Having your Oriental rug cleaned regularly by a professional in Niagara Falls is the best way to clean and maintain your rugs.

PCS Niagara can take care of your Oriental rug cleaning needs in Niagara. Whether your Oriental rug is dirty from years of use, has pet stains or food stains, or if it has suffered water damage, PCS Niagara can clean your rug and restore it to its natural beauty.

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