Oriental Rug Cleaning in Welland

Oriental rugs provide an additional unique touch to any given space. An oriental rug’s intricate patterns and designs, not to mention its handcrafted quality, make it a highly valued piece for homeowners throughout the country. Since this item is made from an intricate creation process and only use traditional and/or organic dyes, owning and taking care of your Oriental rug is known to be quite challenging.

Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs such as Persian, Indian, Chinese and Afghan textiles are hand weaved in various parts of the world, from Turkey and Morocco to Portugal and Spain, as well as the many countries in between.  The cleaning process is customized for each particular type of fiber, whether natural or synthetic, such as jute, sisal, polyester, nylon, acrylic, wool, cotton, and more. It is important to remember that when cleaning your oriental rug you must handle it very gently and you must have an understanding of how chemicals will react to the fiber and dye. Using harsh chemicals, the wrong solutions, or using cleaning techniques that are too rough may cause your rug to become discolored or unravel. You should only vacuum your Oriental rug run once a week to keep dirt and debris from building up and causing damage to the delicate fibers. Even with its basic cleaning process, you cannot use harsh chemical products or rough cleaning methods for it may severely distort its color and form. Sadly, a lot of rug owners tend to forget about this matter and slowly end up tearing up their valuable pieces. Never place your Oriental run in direct sun light, move furniture frequently to reduce the matting of rug fibers and to relocate the high traffic areas. You can gently sweep your rug off by starting at one end and sweeping in a straight line to the other. Never move the broom back and forth because this can cause damage to your Oriental rug and only use brooms made of straw. 

Cleaning your Oriental Rugs may require a professional cleaning from time to time.

From time to time, your Oriental rugs will need to be professionally cleaned, and the professionals at PCS Niagara are just the right team of professionals to handle the job. For many years, PCS Niagara have seen a lot of Oriental rugs that have been damaged by tough stains, water damage and have collected an array of dust and dirt; as well as torn or tangled fringes which are common results that have sprouted from mismanaged Oriental rug cleaning. PCS has a state of the art Oriental rug cleaning area and our staff only uses the best cleaning equipment to remove the dirt and debris that get built up in your Oriental rugs delicate fibers.

If you decide to have your Oriental rug undergo professional cleaning services, know that PCS Niagara cleaning technicians will only utilize the safest and gentlest methods available. They understand how sensitive the colors are, and how the fringes often get in your vacuum’s way. With professional help, not only will you no longer have to face those dreadful rug dilemmas, but your oriental rugs will look as good as new maintaining their brilliance and breath-taking design for years to come.


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