Our Certifications

At PCS of Niagara we are committed to continued education and excellence in our industry. Continuing to be an industry leader in cleaning solutions, equipment and the customer experience requires PCS of Niagara’s Team to constantly be learning, training and developing new skills in all areas. Here are some of our affiliates, companies and institutions that provide education, learning tools and certification to our team.

Technical Educational Organizations:

Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration: http://www.iicrc.org/

The IICRC is a certification and standard-setting non-profit organization for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries since 1972. The IICRC serves as a independent, certification body, that sets and promotes high standards and ethics, and advances communication and technical proficiency within the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries. The IICRC also ensures that when consumers hire a cleantrust-Certified Firm or technician, they have hired experts who will provide reasonable assurance that work will be completed in accordance with the industry’s “standard of care.”


The WoolSafe Organisation: http://www.woolsafe.org/uk

WoolSafe is a world-wide organisation dedicated to the promotion of quality care for wool and synthetic carpets and rugs through tested and approved products, accredited companies and services, and comprehensive information and professional training. Visit WoolSafe to be certain that the company cleaning and protecting your carpet and rugs is an approved WoolSafe Service Provider by checking their listing on the WoolSafe site


Textile Pro Network: http://rugcleanerinfo.com/

Textile Pro™ graduates have been through an intensive six-month training program on oriental rug and fine fabric upholstery care. Those who are Certified took the extra step of submitting case studies of “tricky” textiles that they inspected and washed. Unlike other cleaning courses where “passing” requires taking a simple quiz, this is the first certification program in the rug cleaning industry that is “hands on” and requires thorough documentation of every step of their cleaning process. Certification also requires submitting proof of insurance coverage for handling textiles at the time of certification. PCS of Niagara is a Textile Pro graduate and the FIRST graduate in Canada. See more info here



The Carpet & Rug Institute: http://www.carpet-rug.org/

To put it simply, CRIs job is to go well beneath the surface and prove how our environment for living, working, learning and healing is better — thanks to carpet and rugs. Through science-based research, customer advocacy, environmental stewardship and consensus building, we serve our members and their customers. Our initiatives help protect carpet’s life and beauty and demonstrate its air quality benefit.


Ethical Services: http://www.ethicalservices.com/

The most trusted and reliable way for homeowners to find a cleaning, or restoration professional to invite into your home. Their database makes it easy to see what your neighbors have to say about the service providers in your area. PCS of Niagara is a Ethical Service provider and proudly follows the code of ethics established by the organization.


The Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce: http://www.greaterniagarachamber.com/

The Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce was formed by a group of business people who decided that a strong, regionally based business organization is needed if we are to address the issues facing businesses in Niagara.  With the support of business and community leaders, the Chamber is interested in building bridges between businesses across the region to maximize networks and services, to provide better learning environments and to advocate to all orders of government with one, strong voice for business.

Educational Organizations:


Strategic Coach: http://www.strategiccoach.com/

A total support system for entrepreneurs looking to grow themselves and their business 10x! Working closely with over 15,000 entrepreneurs from more than 60 industries over the past 20 years, they have evolved a complete, proven support system to help you transform your business and your quality of life. Len and Annette are students at Strategic Coach to better PCS of Niagara and their own lives.


The Profit Generator: http://www.profitgeneratormembers.com/

Focusing on the Customer Experience, the Profit Generator educated PCS of Niagara on how to better our business to provide the best service for our customers on a regular basis.


Violand Management Associates: http://www.violand.com/

Violand Management Associates has been helping business owners achieve their goals since 1988. Specializing in Service Businesses and the Restoration and Cleaning Industry, two ideals have shaped the focus of our unique client services:

  • Provide one on one counsel to help business owners identify and focus on their key issues, to guide execution of strategies needed to increase profits while building their company, and to help owners develop the skills needed to lead their growing company.
  • Bring high impact corporate training to owners and their staff through professionally developed managerial training programs
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