Preparing Your Home For Professional Carpet Cleaning: A Checklist

You finally decided to have your home’s carpets professionally cleaned. That’s great to hear! Professional carpet cleaning can be a great way to restore life to your carpet and personal spaces. But what can you do to prepare your home sufficiently before the professionals arrive to get the most out of their visit? 

The Prep Checklist

Below is a checklist to ensure you’re able to complete every step and get the most out of your carpet cleaning investments. carpet cleaning companies niagara falls

Basic Cleaning

Do basic cleaning and decluttering around the areas that will be professionally cleaned. Remove and put away items like shoes or toys. Secure any potentially fragile or valuable items to ensure they don’t get damaged. 

Clearing Out The Area Of Furniture

It may be more efficient if you move all of your furniture out of the cleaning areas to assist your carpet cleaning team. Professional carpet cleaning services may move lighter furniture, but many will not move heavy or potentially fragile items. The best next step is to contact the company, and they can answer those questions. 

Vacuuming The Carpets

Doing preliminary vacuuming yourself will allow the cleaners to focus on their job—deep cleaning and treating the carpet itself, not the surface dirt. Be sure to vacuum slowly and in multiple directions to pull the maximum amount of dirt from the carpet fibers. You will notice a difference between prepped carpets and unprepared ones.

Problem Areas Identified

Another benefit of slowly and thoroughly vacuuming yourself is that it will allow you to evaluate your carpet for any problem areas you want to inform the cleaners about. Problem areas could include stained carpets, high-traffic areas, and areas with unpleasant odors. You can point these out to the cleaners when they arrive to ensure that they can work on areas that need heavier cleaning right away. Making cleaners immediately aware can help ensure they are cleaned effectively within the provided time frame. 

Ensure A Safe Working Environment

Carpet cleaners need good lighting to assess carpet condition and cleanliness accurately. If possible, open curtains or raise blinds to provide natural lighting. Make sure that ventilation is possible through ventilation systems or open windows, as they may be working with strong chemical cleaners. Check that there are no safety hazards like exposed cords or wires. Ensure easy access to your home and carpets. 

Access To The Electrical

Electrical access must be provided so that the professional carpet cleaners can utilize their equipment. If your home has any specific instructions, like a gate keypad entryway, make the team aware before their arrival. If any outlets need repairs or have an odor coming out, inform the team beforehand to help them avoid any side problems.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned makes a big difference, almost as night to day. Overall, carpets are a big investment from the beginning and the moment you begin to take care of them, you prolong the life expectancy and get to experience your carpets as if it were the first day they arrived. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at PCS Niagara; we’re always ready to help you have a great experience in renewing your carpets. Give our team a call today!

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