Professional Carpeting Cleaning Tips for Fall

Professional Carpet Cleaning WellandIt’s finally here—the weather is getting cooler, the kids are back at school, and now is the perfect time to have your carpets professionally cleaned in Welland. There are several reasons why it makes sense to have your carpets cleaned in the fall, and since you should have your carpets cleaned every 6-12 months. According to Len Hume, owner of PCS Niagara, now is  the perfect time for people in Welland and the surrounding area to have their carpets cleaned.

Our carpets take a regular beating between foot traffic, pets, and food and drink spills. Carpets also trap dust and other allergens deep within it’s fibers, requiring professional cleanings to take place. Having your carpets cleaned in the fall can remove allergens that entered your home during the summer, and will help you be better prepared for the busier holiday months.

Remove Accumulated Dust and Allergens

Before cold weather settles in and we seal up our homes for winter, take a moment and consider what your carpet went through this summer. All summer long your kids and pets have been running inside and out, bringing pollen, dust, grass, and pet dander allergens into your home. If you’re sensitive to allergies you’ll want to remove those allergens now with a professional carpet cleaning, before you seal up your home for winter. These allergens get embedded deep within carpet fibers throughout the summer, and the most effective way to remove them is through a professional carpet cleaner.

You’ll want to address any accumulated dust on furniture, light fixtures, mini blinds, and wherever else dust accumulates in your home before having the carpets cleaned. Some people also opt to have their air ducts cleaned during the fall to reduce potential dust from circulating in the home.

Prepare for Upcoming Holidays

Holidays are a stressful and busy time, and by having your carpets cleaned now you can check one thing of your holiday to-do list. Use the time you have now to have your entire carpet cleaned, and treat high-traffic areas or new stains as necessary to keep your carpets in great shape through the holidays.

Many people put off having their carpets cleaned until just before the holidays so their homes look great, but then end up not having the time to get the carpet cleaning scheduled. Do it now, and scheduled a touch-up closer to the holidays if necessary.

Take Advantage of Low Traffic Times

With the kids back in school, you now have a designated block of time during the day that can be set aside to allow a professional carpet cleaner to come in and clean your carpets without interruption. This allows the carpet cleaner to be effective and thorough, and allows time for the carpets to dry before they are tracked on.

Generally, your carpets should see less traffic during the fall and winter months. This means that your carpets will look cleaner longer, as long as no one walks through the house in wet and muddy snow boots.

PCS Niagara offers Fall and Winter Carpet Stain Fighting Tips

Despite our best efforts, stains happen, mud inadvertently gets tracked across our clean carpets, pets have accidents, and food and drink items get spilled. Whatever the cause of your carpet stains, knowing what to do to remove those stains can protect your carpet from permanent stains.

Allow mud to dry before vacuuming, then remove any remaining stains. Identify ways to remove stains of common spills in your household—white vinegar and club soda are effective on many stains—and make sure to have stain fighting materials on hand in the event of a spill. Ask your carpet cleaner for any tips and tricks for stubborn stain removal. Call PCS Niagara for all of your professional carpet cleaning needs in Welland and the surrounding area.

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