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clean carpetsAnyone who has had to clean their Niagara home understands how difficult it can be to keep it looking and smelling clean. No matter how much you get done in a day there is always some type of cleaning and maintaining that is begging for your attention. Keeping your rugs, floors and carpets clean is a task that is constant and time consuming. If you have children or pets it can feel daunting to stay caught up with the floor maintenance. Have you ever had the thought “I’m constantly following children around with a wash cloth and broom?”

You can research hundreds of tips on cleaning and organization online that may be helpful…or harmful depending on where you find your information. The one thing that the carpet cleaning experts at PCS Niagara recommend is that you have your area rugs and entrance rugs professionally cleaned. When you clean your home you may not spend a lot of time cleaning your rugs, if you clean them at all. The extent of most homeowners’ rug cleaning process is to take a vacuum over their rugs, or take them outside and pat the dust loose. Vacuuming your rugs can help remove some of that dust, but not the hard to reach dust and soil that has become embedded into the rug fibers. Smacking your rugs with a stick trying to shake the dust loose can cause damage to the rug fibers, shortening its lifespan.

Rugs catch most of the debris brought in from the outdoors and can help prevent debris and contaminants from falling on your sofa, chairs or on your floors. Entrance rugs serve as a dust and debris collector, catching any of the extra debris that come of your shoes. If your rugs start to get too full they will not only hold extra bacteria and contaminants, but it will start to look and feel gross. Rugs can be great assets that keep your home looking more clean and giving your home that extra appeal.

Area, runner, and entrance rugs can all be very expensive and delicate so it is important to take really good care of them. Here are some tips experts suggest to use when cleaning your rugs.

Regular maintenance like vacuuming is very important! It will help remove dust, insects and any other contaminants lurking in the fibers of your rug. Make sure you are vacuuming at least three times a week and once a month flip your rugs over and vacuum the back side, doing this will beat out the locked in dirt on the front. Then, flip it back over and vacuum the top again. When vacuuming synthetic rugs you can use the beater bar/rotating brush on the front and back, but other more delicate rugs require only the suction of the vacuum because the brush can cause detrimental damage to the front or the entire rug.
If you have questions on what is appropriate for your specific rug, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Immediately blot vigorously on any spills so they do not stain. Make sure to do your research for the type of cleaning solution to use on the different types of rugs. Also check to see if a vacuum will cause harm to your rug. Never vacuum fringe or tassels they are very delicate and the material can be twisted very easily or even detached from the rug entirely. Talk to the experts at PCS Niagara for best recommended cleaning practices for your rugs.

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