Buying the Perfect Rug

Professional Carpet Systems (PCS)The Rug Gallery St. Catharines, The Rug Gallery Niagara recently made an exciting announcement! We are now the proud owners of the Binding Shop and Custom Rug Gallery. That means on top of helping you keep your gorgeous floor coverings of any kind clean and well-maintained, you can also purchase floor coverings from us! The Custom Rug Gallery offers rug repairs including fringe repair or replacement, custom and basic binding, serging, cutting, seaming, and custom rug design and manufacturing … right at our location in St. Catharines. We can also add cushion, padding, or backing to area rugs.

Now that you know the big news, we also want you to know we understand choosing and designing the right area rug for your space can be daunting! We are here to help! Here are some tips for scoring the rug you’ve always dreamed about:

  • Determining size.

This can be tricky! Too big, and it might seem to overtake the room or cover too much of your custom hardwood or tile beneath. Too small, and it just doesn’t fulfill its purpose.

For smaller rooms, generally speaking, however, the bigger the better. A generous-sized rug will make your room look bigger, yet cozier. Of course, you don’t want it to go wall-to-wall, but with careful measurements, you can easily have a custom rug fill a good portion of the room and really pull everything in the room together.

For larger rooms, especially those that have an open concept, an oversized area rug might become a bit impractical. At this point, it’s best to determine what size the rug should be to cover the area where you want it and to be sure it’s the right size to help pull everything in the space together. For example, if you’re using it for a seating area, the area rug should act as an anchor for the various pieces of furniture – like couches, chairs, and tables. Area rugs in large spaces can help define spaces and bring a room together. 

Phew. Sizing seems easy compared to this step, right? If your room already very busy and is perhaps best well-served by something more simple? Or should you invest in a great pattern to pull everything together and give it some style and pizzazz? You should also take traffic volume into consideration when choosing a pattern – and type of material.

For high-traffic areas, make sure you choose a pattern that is more visually forgiving. The same goes for the material you choose. Some will wear down and require more maintenance than others! Remember, while better quality materials might cost a little more now, they will save you maintenance and replacement costs in the long run – and stay looking better, longer.

  • Cleaning & Care

We help create your dream area rug, and we are here to help you maintain and keep it clean too, along with all the other floors and floor coverings in your home! When you purchase a rug, we will also give you clear instructions on how to maintain your rugs in between visits from our cleaning teams.  

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