Carpet Repair

As your carpet ages, it may require repair to keep it looking its best. You may also find that your carpet was installed incorrectly, and now it has loose seams or wrinkles. No matter the cause, PCS of Niagara can help repair your carpet and eliminate unsightly problems without the need to replace the carpeting.

Our professional carpet repair technicians can handle a variety of carpet repairs from carpet stretching, repairing seams and patching damaged areas, all in a timely and professional manner and at prices that will pleasantly surprise you. So before you replace your carpets, call PCS of Niagara to see if we can save your existing carpets.

Carpet Stretching

When your carpets start to show wrinkles or creases, it is in need of re-stretching. This may be a sign that your carpet wasn’t installed correctly or it may simply be a result of “relaxing” over time. At PCS of Niagara, we have the training, equipment and expertise to stretch your carpet, eliminating bumps and wrinkles that may have developed.

Carpet Seam Repair

When done correctly, it should be difficult to see where one section of carpet begins and the other ends. When carpet seams begin to show or split, PCS of Niagara can repair the seams, eliminating any fraying and protecting your carpet from further damage.

Carpet Patching

If a section of your carpet has permanent staining or is damaged by a burn, you many not have to replace the entire carpet. This can be repaired by cutting and replacing the small area of carpet with a remnant or a section of carpet from an area such as closet. This ensures the patch matches the surrounding area. The patch is then sealed to ensure it goes unnoticed.

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