Start Fresh With Commercial Cleaning Services In Niagara Falls

 commercial cleaning services niagara fallsDoes your commercial building feel a little dingy? Are you needing a refresh to start the year off right? Keeping your commercial space in Niagara Falls clean, pristine, and welcoming to both employees and clients is no small feat. 

Commercial Cleaning Services In Niagara Falls

If you feel like all your efforts still just aren’t giving your commercial space the lift it needs, our cleaning services experts recommend making sure these spaces are not getting overlooked:

  1. Look up. Oftentimes ceiling fans and light fixtures are easily overlooked because they are not easily in our line of vision. Dust collects on ceiling fan blades, and then when the fan is turned on, spreads all throughout the air. Be sure to dust off your ceiling fans regularly to prevent dust accumulation and spread. Light fixtures are always great at catching and collecting dust. When you dust your fan, remember to dust off the tops of your light fixtures. Another feature that we miss because we are not looking up at it is the tops of door frames. These ledges can collect a lot of dust as well, and should be wiped down periodically to keep them clean.
  2. Look down (and under). Air vents, especially those that are on the floor, can catch dust, dirt, crumbs, and all sorts of other debris. Dirty air vents mean dirty  air and can actually block or disrupt airflow through your commercial space. Wipe down and vacuum out air vents regularly to help keep them clean and improve the air quality in your space. The underside of desks is also often overlooked or forgotten when cleaning. This is a great place for cobwebs to form, crumbs to store, and dust and dirt to build up. When you are wiping down the tops of tables and desks, take an extra second to wipe down underneath them as well. Speaking of  looking underneath things, have you noticed the bottoms of your chairs? Chair legs and bases get real dirty real fast as dirt and debris and dust collect there. Remember to look down and wipe them off to keep them clean. 
  3. Look behind. We tend to wipe our computer screens and visible surfaces off regularly, but when was the last time you looked behind your office devices? The backside of your computer can get real dusty real fast. Same with behind your printers, telephones, and file holders. Remember to clean behind and around objects to make sure they are clean. This will also help prevent electronics from overheating, since most of them have vents on the backside that become clogged with dust. 

At PCS Niagara, it is our goal to provide the best commercial cleaning services Niagara Falls has to offer. We don’t cut corners, and make sure to get even the most forgotten places clean to ensure your business not only looks but also feels clean. We design a commercial cleaning services plan and schedule specific to your needs, and can help take away the stress of keeping your space in tip top shape. Trust your commercial cleaning services to us.

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