Professional Stone Floor Cleaning In Niagara Falls

stone floor cleaning niagara falls, floor cleaning niagara falls, cleaning niagara fallsI remember walking into a recently finished home as a teenager, feeling the excitement as I was getting ready to move my things in. My family had just finished building a new home and this was the day we had all been waiting for. The doors didn’t squeak when you opened them, the carpet was so soft, and the stone floors were perfectly clean. It was as if no one had ever taken a foot inside. It was pristine. That’s exciting and clean stone floors are definitely something everyone needs to experience. However, even with the constant warnings from my mom to make sure we take our shoes off, don’t track dirt/mud in, and the chores of mopping everyday, eventually the floors still got to be looking dingy. It took quite some time to get to that point but it happened simply because there were people living there.

Overtime, dirt and soil can become embedded in your stone floor making it look dark and dingy. Even with a cleaning whiz as a mom it can become nearly impossible to get the floor back to its original, clean glory. 

What does professional stone floor cleaning entail?

You could spend a great deal of time on your hands and knees scrubbing with rags and scrubbers, trying to find the perfect combination of chemicals to get the dirt to come up. However this is time consuming and as mentioned sometimes it simply doesn’t do the trick. With professional stone floor cleaning, new technology allows the floors to be cleaned with highly pressurized hot water that safely steams the dirt and grime out of the stone floors. This allows your stone floors to return to their regular, new condition. For some, they may not have ever had the opportunity to see their stone floors in new condition, but with professional stone floor cleaning you can.

Other Surfaces

There isn’t just one type of stone floor and every type of flooring is susceptible to getting dirty. Luckily all types of stone floors, grouts, and tiles can be professionally cleaned. This includes any grout or tile found in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, or entryway. You name it, it can be cleaned. The professional cleaning can be done on man-made surfaces and naturally occurring hard surfaces including marble, ceramic tile, and concrete. Even tiled backsplashes or stone countertops can be cleaned to look new once again.

Just like furniture or carpet, stone floors get dirty and dingy and require a professional’s hand in getting them clean once again. The frequency of getting your floors cleaned is completely up to you and may fluctuate depending on how much traffic goes through the area, whether or not you have pets, or the weather that you may experience in your area. Whatever the case, when you find yourself on your hands and knees scrubbing, remember there is an easier way. If you are in Niagara Falls, PCS Niagara could be there to help you get your stone flooring clean once again.

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