Stop Having Your Secretary Double as the Cleaning Lady

office cleaningWe’ve all had jobs where it’s up to everyone to pitch in a little here and there to keep the space clean, right? Or you’ve witnessed a secretary doing a little dusting and vacuuming in between projects? Keeping the office clean is often not something on the top of anyone’s mind when there is an entire business to be run. However, having a clean and presentable office space for your St. Catharine’s clients is actually really important for your business!

Here are three reasons you really should consider letting your secretary do the job she was hired to do, and hire PCS of Niagara instead to expertly clean your office carpets.

  1. Dress to Impress!

Okay, so you aren’t really dressing yourself– but you are dressing your office space! No one wants to eat in a dirty restaurant. Likewise, customers are going to form a very fast opinion about your business depending on its cleanliness. Dust and debris could mean to them that you aren’t organized or detail-oriented enough to take care of their needs. Keeping your carpets stain-free and clean can help create a great first impression.

On the flip side, the fresh smell of a clean office will leave them feeling confident and ready to hire you! Some experts say people form first impressions in less than five seconds. That means before you even have time to greet them, they may have already formed some opinions on your business based just on its appearance. Undoing the first impression is very difficult.

  1. Flexibility

Never have a vacuum running while you’re trying to talk to a customer again. Hiring a professional cleaning company will likely mean you can determine a time for them to take care of your space that is most convenient for you. If an intern is doing the cleaning, it is probably going to be during business hours whereas commercial carpet cleaning companies most often get their work done after hours.

Hiring a professional cleaning service like PCS of Niagara can give you peace of mind that your carpets will be clean and presentable every single day. No more worrying about the intern missing crumbs on the carpet, and less worrying about having to replace furniture and carpet because a regular, professional cleaning means hopefully they will last you for years to come – and look great the whole time.

  1. Save Money!

We saved the best reason for last: you can actually save yourself some dough! Yes, there is certainly a cost to having a professional cleaning company take care of the dirty work for you, however, that also means your secretary can be doing the job you hired them and pay them to do!

Plus, the pros already own all the equipment needed to clean thoroughly and have access to top of the line, industrial grade products at great prices. Professional grade cleaning equipment will get rid of deep, set-in dirt and stains in your carpet, extending its life. The same rules apply to office furniture like chairs and couches.

So what will you choose? A secretary doubling as a cleaning lady? Or a professional cleaning service that gets the work done without you or your staff lifting a finger?

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