The Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are always a popular choice for homeowners designing the floors in their home for their timelessness. They give your home a beautiful, classic look. When hardwood floors are cleaned regularly, they should last a long time. Here are some important things to remember when cleaning your hardwood floors. hardwood floor cleaning niagara lake

DO Dust or Vacuum

The first step for cleaning your hardwood floor should be to use a dust mop, broom, or vacuum to remove all the loose dust and crumbs that are on the floor. 

DON’T Use the Wrong Vacuum Setting

If you use a vacuum cleaner on your hardwood floors, make sure it has a hard floor setting. This is different from what you would use on carpet. If you use the wrong setting, the rotating brush can damage your floor.

DO Use a Cleanser Meant for Hardwood Floors

When choosing a cleanser to use on your hardwood floor, make sure you choose one that is specifically for hardwood floors. Read the instructions and add the proper amount of water to your cleaning solution to make sure you get it cleaned without risking damaging it. 

DON’T Use Bleach

Using bleach on a hardwood floor can ruin it. Even if you dilute it, bleach can still damage the structure of the wood. Any harsh chemicals can be harmful for your hardwood floors as they cause a waxy, cloudy buildup on the floor called hazing. This dulls the shine and color of the wood. 

DO Use a Microfiber Mop

Microfiber mops are a better option than cotton mops because they use less liquid. This means they drip less water and are easier to ring out as you are mopping. 

DON’T Use a Steam Mop

Some people consider steam mops because they provide a deeper clean to your hardwood floors. However, steam mops can cause water to get between and under the wood boards where it will have a hard time drying out completely. This can lead to water damage, which will warp and ruin your floor.

DO Recoat Hardwood Floors

When you notice your hardwood floors getting dull and scratched, and they just seem to not look as good as they used to, you may get discouraged and wonder about replacing them. But instead of spending money on a whole new floor, you can recoat the floor to make it look new again. After you have deep cleaned, you can buff and add a new coat to your floor without even having to sand it. This helps prolong your floor’s life so it lasts longer.

DO Consider Using a Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaner

You may feel like it is hard to regularly deep clean your hardwood floors. To maintain your floors, you should consider hiring a professional hardwood floor cleaner. For your hardwood floor cleaning in Niagara Lake, call PCS Niagara to help you get your floor properly cleaned and maintained. Our cleaning experts are here to ensure your hardwood floors will  last you a long time and will keep looking beautiful.

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